Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Heart Day Mila!

A year ago today, I handed over my tiny little Mila Bean to have her heart repaired. It is one of the hardest, most excruciating things I've ever done. I found myself thinking about her surgery often today and got choked up quite a few times. It seems like a lot longer than a year ago that I handed that little bean over and bawled my eyes out in the bathroom when they walked away with her. I am so thankful the doctors were able to fix her heart! Looking at her now, you'd never know she was so sick. You'd never know she needed heart surgery. Her tiny, thin little scar has faded to a silver-white and you have to look closely to even see it anymore. I didn't share many pictures at the time because I just couldn't stand seeing her like that, let alone show the world. A year later, I'm choosing to share a few of her pictures because they no longer represent fear and sadness. They represent miracles and hope and life-because I can look at them and look her her now and know that The Great Healer healed her little heart! I can look at them and know that we are blessed to share time on this earth with Mila, because I know without a doubt that not all children have the same fortunate outcome. The pictures may be hard for some to look at so view at your own discretion.

Happy First Heart Day, Mila! 


  1. Wow that seems so very long ago. The last two pictures are precious. Her and the huge smile she has and that tongue. LOL

    What a blessing this time of year is but even moreso now with these precious little ones. Adding another one this time of year is amazing.

    Love you all.

  2. Those pictures just made me so sad! Poor little thing and to be a parent seeing your child in that condition. I am so happy she is with you and doing so well. The bigger plan! :)

  3. I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you and Shawn! Makes ME teary eyed just looking at how frail and vulnerable she was! But yes, what a miracle sweet Mila has been given by the Lord! I'm so glad that she had her mama and daddy by her side thru that and, as difficult as it was, I know you are especially grateful for that as well. Way to go, Mila! Oh, and Sarah? I know you have a lot on your plate right now but if you think of it, can you pray for me? I am awaiting the results of a biopsy and am starting to feel pretty anxious about it all... Thanks!

  4. Precious little miracle girl!!!! Such a resiliant sweet spirit in that little bean!! Extremely thankful that the year is behind her...behind all of you and that she is thriving and so very happy!! Yes, Happy First Heart Day Mila Hope!!!! (((BIG BIG HUGS)))!!!

  5. I don't remember seeing the pictures of her with that many tubes before Mama. I can't even imagine the feelings you must of had seeing her like that! While I know this was the day of her operation, the real Heart Day in my mind was the day you first held her and loved on her. That was the day her little heart first began to heal. Modern medicine can do wonders, but you guys have proved how much healing love can do for these babies too!

  6. That girl is pure sunshine -- look at that grin, even after her surgery!