Monday, June 23, 2014

Come Sail Away!

Shawn and I volunteered for this sailing program for years and now our girls are taking part! I posted about the sailing program before HERE and HERE.  Go look at the cute pictures! :) It was so fun to watch Zoya and Mila sail! They each got to sail for 30 minutes with the great Uncle Mike! Sofia stuck close to me and got to go for a pontoon boat ride...maybe next year she'll be ready to leave Mama and go sailing too! I couldn't get over how calm and chill Mila was in the sail boat! The very first time she was ever in a kayak she absolutely loved it, but I wasn't sure if her 3-year-old strong opinions would allow her to enjoy sailing....she proved me wrong! When her turn was over she signed "more" and "again!" Sister loved it! And as for Zoya....she thoroughly enjoyed herself....we only lost one shoe and one pair of sunglasses into the all in all, a great first sailing session!  

Mila's turn to sail and Zoya's turn to drive the pontoon boat!!! 

Mila's turn to sail! 

This one makes me giggle! 

For much of Mila's turn all I could see was the top of her head and her little hand holding on! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Zoya's 6th Birthday!

These pictures have been sitting here just waiting for me to hit "publish"! We are quite busy around here these days getting ready to go on a little trip and moving in the next few weeks! Let me just say trying to pack a house up with 3 tiny tornadoes unpacking right behind me, not so much fun! 

Anyways, here are some pictures from Zoya's birthday! Daddy was in charge of the balloons and he did a fabulous job picking out Minnie and Olaf! He also came home with a bunch of balloons that had the number 9...YES 9! I said, "very nice! But umm why do those balloons say NINE?" His reply? "Oh crap!" We had a good laugh, cut out some paper stars with the number "6" and taped them over the 9s. :) Zoya ran right to those balloons when she came down yelling, "SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX!" Phew, close call! 

This is a look of excitement :) 

Opening a couple presents :) 

A FROZEN book! 

A new magna doodle since Sofia has taken over Zoya's! Although as I type this I look over and of course Sofia has THIS magna doodle....(toys are only cool if someone else wants them at the same time don'tcha know! can't win!)

Opening a package from Papa and Gigi!

A card that plays music when you blow on the pinwheel! 

And a REAL pinwheel! 

ELMO! (and gumby!)

I attempted to make some low carb gluten free "doughnuts" for Zoya's birthday breakfast! I know it doesn't sound really fun, they didn't LOOK beautiful, but since sweets are a treat in our house, they were THRILLED with these :) 

See? No complaining here :) 

Moved the picnic to the floor! 

She peeked out the window at her birthday present! 

We thought this car would be fun to drive at the new house with 2 huge acres to drive around :) 

She got a package in the mail from Uncle Bub! Her favorite thing to do lately has been playing doctor! 

And she said all she wanted for her birthday was a card from Gramma Liz! Here is is hugging the card :) 

We didn't get to do an overnight trip this year with Zoya with our other trip and moving planned, so we took her to the Zoo, which in her opinion is probably just as good as anywhere else! 

She got to ride the carousel 5 times and was happy about that! Our usual rule is 2 rides per visit, and we should have done 6 for her 6th birthday but we were sort of over it by the 5th time :) 

Out to eat for a birthday lunch! 

Back home to celebrate with some cake and company! 

Mila never took her eyes off the cake! 

I asked Sofia to smile, can you believe how mean I am?

She decided to snuggle up with Aunt Carol! 

I can't believe Zoya is SIX already!!!! There are so many adventures ahead in the story of her life! Somehow I feel as if I wish I could stay on this page forever and only peek at future pages....but alas, the world keeps spinning and time keeps slipping through out hands!