Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

I'm missing my Zoya girl so much! Oh how I miss her hugs and sweet smile paired with her sassy diva-ness! I can't wait to hug her and squeeze her and snuggle her when we get home!! She's going to be a fabulous big sister I just know it!

Anyways...we went to the pumpkin patch the weekend before we left for Mila's adoption. Since October is almost over, I figured I should post these pictures of our fun day!

She loves the corn box!

This year nobody lost their wedding ring (aahhhheeeemmmm Shawn)

It's fun to get burried in corn!

It's raining corn!

Loves the big slide!

Picking her Pumpkin :)

Love that sweet girl!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A "My Zoya-girl is Awesome" Letter

Dear Zoya,
I miss you so much my heart aches. This is the first time Daddy and I have been away from you for more than one night. I know you’re having fun with Aunt Jen Jen and Xavier. I wish we could be with you but we can’t. You know that baby sister we’ve been talking a lot about? We’re going to meet her real soon. And one day I’ll be able to tell your little sister what a big brave girl you were to give up her mama and daddy for weeks so we could travel 5,000 miles away to meet her and bring her home to our family. I’m so proud of you for being such a big brave girl while we are gone. I hear Xavier is wearing you out and you’re happy to go down for your nap or to sleep at night! I’m glad he is breaking you in because when baby sister gets home life is going to get a little crazier, but a little more awesome too!
Everything reminds me of you.  When we were in the airport they had the automatic paper towel dispensers where you wave your hands in front of them and paper towel magically appears. I thought of you and how you love that and how you love to keep waving your hands and getting more paper towels. When we pass by McDonalds I think of how happy french fries make you.  When I heard all the Germans saying, “Hello” it reminded me of your funny accent when you say “Hello.” Zoya girl being away from you makes me realize how special you are. You have a way of making Every. Single. Little. Thing. So much fun! You bring so much joy to this world.
While I’m here I’m trying to worry less and live life big like you do every day.  It is hard to do without your contagious spirit here beside me, but you’re in my heart and that helps!  You’ve helped me to see the joy in things we take for granted. You’ve changed my heart in so many ways. I know all Mamas say this but we are so blessed to have you, we are the luckiest parents ever. I wish everyone could have a Zoya-girl but you’re all ours J Being apart from you makes me even more aware of the fact that you ROCK and you’ve seriously changed my perspective on life.  You’re the reason we’re half way across the world right now. Because through you we’ve seen that God can taken broken spirits and make them whole again. 
I am so lucky to be your mama and when I’m away from you it feels like I’m a ladybug missing her spots. Soon enough we will all be together my sweet girl!

*For those of you wondering Zoya is doing fabulous so far! Keep the prayers coming!!! We are so blessed to have Aunt Jen Jen in our lives!! We got to skype with Zoya tonight and she was amazed at being able to see an hear us. She sat and listened to us and talked a little for 15 minutes! She requested her favorite song, "More Beep Beep" and blew kisses and said, "Wuh wu" (love you). Oh how I miss her, but so good to see her doing so well!!! And I know I said I was taking a break here, but I needed to write a letter to my girl because I'm missing her!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Taking a break from blogging here while we fly across the world to meet our second daughter!

Hoping to post frequent updates of our new babe on our adoption blog:

Can't wait to see Zoya's reaction to her baby sister when we get home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This morning when I went to get Zoya up, I had opened the door but not yet turned on the light and I hear her little voice say a perfect, "Hello" in a voice that sounded like it had an accent. It cracked me up. We had been working on saying "hello" but mostly just got "lo" or "hi." But this morning she nailed it and she's been saying it all day. It's just the cutest little word I think I've ever heard her say! It makes me laugh when I hear her little voice say it! Zoya's speech has been showing a lot of progress since she started preschool. I've been working with her on words that start with the "h" sound. It's tough for her to go from an unvoiced sound to a voiced sound but she's been doing a lot of vocal play and whispering lately and I'm loving the progress she's making! We've also been working on stopping sounds, especially "p" for "up" and "help" without saying "up-a" and "hepp-a." I took this little video after her bath tonight. Zoya girl is too sweet for words!

Monday, October 10, 2011


We celebrated Uncle Bub's birthday this weekend because we will miss it when we are gone. When I told Zoya Uncle Bub was coming and it was his birthday she signed "surprise." A few weeks ago we went to a surprise birthday party. Zoya was so intrigued by this concept. We all sat in the garage and when the door opened everyone of course yelled "SURPRISE!" Zoya signed "surprise" the rest of the night and kept saying "more" and "up" (for the garage door to go up).

Ever since then she has been wanting to surprise people. She thinks its fun to send someone out of the room, turn the lights off and then turn the lights on when they come back and yell "surprise." LOL. She signs it and says "PRY" So when it was time for cake we sent Uncle Bub out of the kitchen, turned the lights off and when he walked in (so unsuspecting hahaha) we all yelled SURPRISE! Oh Zoya was sooo enthusiastic about it! We actually had to repeat the scene several times per Zoya's request. She looked at me like, "we really got him good mom!" So proud of herself!!!


It just never gets old!!!

Signing "Surprise!"

(Here is the ASL sign for surprise...pretty close!)

And what happened next had us laughing so hard we almost peed our pants  cried! This girl is something else! At least she made it a memorable birthday for Uncle Bub!

(girl just started shaking her head like a wild woman and smearing frosting all over her face!)

"Aaaaannnnnd I'm DONE!"

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed watching our crazy girl! And let me just say, that was one heck of a bath she needed after!! Oh how I'm going to miss my crazy love while we go adopt baby sister! But it will all be worth it in the end :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Fun!

We are trying to enjoy our last weekend together as a family of three :) The weather here is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. I'm convinced there is no place more beautiful than where we live come fall time! The oranges and yellows and greens and reds and browns of the trees are breathtaking!

Here are some fun pictures from our day today at the fall festival!

Beautiful girl

Petting some animals...keeping a tight grip on Mama ;)

Mama doesn't love Llamas! Can you see it written all over my face?? LOL

I am showing this picture for no other reason than to show you this cool haircut on this animal LOL!
Feeding the goats

Zoya was trying to feed them hay instead of the food Daddy bought for 50 cents!

LOVE this picture...Zoya was thinking "don't move and he'll go away, just don't move a muscle!" She was frozen like that until the goat stuck his head back inside hahaha!

Helping Daddy feed her favorite goat
Love when she looks at me like sweet girl loves me so much!

Matching faces here :)

They were shooting pumpkins at a target and it was loud and every time it went off Zoya did this and said "Weeeeeeee"

This girl FINALLY LOVES and appreciates ice cream!!!  If you don't remember watch this video to see Zoya's first and typical reaction to ice cream for a long time!

But just look at her now...she appreciates the finer things in chocolate peanut butter ice cream!!! YUM!

Daddy making her laugh!


Brain Freeze!!!

But it's sooooo worth it!

No idea what she was saying here....

Blurry but too cute not to excited!

I am astounded by her beauty every day!

So beautiful this time of year!

On the way back we rolled the windows down and let the breeze blow through our hair! Zoya just loves doing this! Here she is signing "green" because we are stopped at a red light and she said "GOOOO" so the wind would blow through her hair and I told her we had to wait for a green light!

Oh this girl knows how to enjoy life....

Happy Fall Friends!!