Monday, August 25, 2014

Zoya's first day of Kindergarten!!!!

Thank goodness Gramma Liz was here to give me a big hug when I returned home from dropping Zoya off!

This morning when I took pictures it wasn't sunny at all! The sun started peeking out when we were having this picture taken and when I saw the light on Zoya's face in the pic I knew my Grandpa was with us yet again for one of Zoya's biggest days. 

She was so excited!

This is where Mama got really teary! 

Ready for Kindergarten!!

I forgot in the shuffle to get pics of Zoya with her sisters!!! I guess I'll have to do that when she gets home :) Last night was tough for this mama and I thought I got all my tears out at midnight, but no such luck...there were more to come today! I know it probably sounds crazy but I felt very similar to the way I felt when we had to hand Mila over for open heart surgery. Now, don't get me wrong, I know her life is not at risk, but that vulnerable feeling of handing your baby off to people you have to trust with your child's life is just not easy!!! She was so excited about Kindergarten this morning talking about her principal and her teacher and her helper and making new friends! I am a nervous wreck waiting to hear how it goes! I'll post more about the kindergarten transition process and what Zoya's day looks like another time! But for now I'm going to keep looking over THESE OLD POSTS OF FIRST DAYS PAST and hold my phone tight.....juuuuuuuuuust in case! ;) 

'Twas the Night Before Kindergarten....

Twas the night before the first day of Kindergarten when all through the house
only one creature was stirring, and it was Mama mouse.
The backpack was hung by the door with care
in hopes that the kindergartner wouldn't forget it there.

The kindergartener was nestled all snug in her bed, 
while visions of the new school danced in her head.
Daddy was snoring as Mama lay there in place
with big wet tears streaming down her face.

The first day's clothing was so carefully picked out
This kindergartener would be well dressed, no doubt.
Mama prepared the snacks and supplies
and wrote a little note as she cried.

Knowing with these first day jitters she'd get no sleep, 
Mama looked at baby pictures, letting out a sob so deep.
She wondered how it was that time went so fast 
and how it could be that so many days had already passed.

As the quiet fell around her she tiptoed up the stairs
and peeked in at her sweet kindergartner, stealing a moment that was theirs.
Mama knelt down by her bed
as a long anxious prayer was said.

In her heart she knew that her sweet girl was ready
Mama took one more mental picture of that tiny little girl snuggling her teddy.
She took a deep breath and smiled 
knowing that her heart only learned to be so tender thanks to this very child!

I don't know how I'm going to get through tomorrow! I cried through writing that whole poem, and through bedtime tonight and as I prepared her snacks and bag and peeked in on her. Thank goodness we're only starting with half days!! Pray for this Mama (and of course for Zoya!)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sailing, Pontoon Boat, and The Fire Truck

This summer Zoya and Mila participated in this sailing program. Sofia's not quite ready to trust anyone besides Mom and Dad yet so she got to hang out on the doc and ride the pontoon boat while her sisters were having their turns sailing. Today was the last sailing session of the summer (tear!) This means the snow will be coming soon, I wish I was kidding! 

A Mila sighting! 

Hold on tight Uncle Mike! 

Zoya is known as the pontoon boat hostess! She insists on sharing her snacks with ALL the riders, even if they're not hungry ;) ! 

Sofia was feeding the ducks!

Piggies waving in the wind! 

C'mon Sofia, act like you're having some fun! 

That's better! 

Spotted Mila again...this time with some sopping wet pig tails! :) 

After sailing the little ladies went home with Dad and Zoya and I went for a stroll with Kimmy. Kimmy is a CCI dog that is handled by one of Zoya's therapists. She visits Zoya every time the therapist visits! Zoya absolutely loves Kimmy! We happened upon a fire truck with some firefighters getting ready to practice some dives in the choppy chilly waters! They let Zoya hop on and check out the truck! 

 Zoya and Kimmy even got to sit on the front of the fire truck! 

I'm pretty sure Kimmy is smiling here! 

I can't believe summer is winding down already! We are getting ready to send Zoya off to Kindergarten and I can hardly stand it! Mama is going back to work part time too so lots of changes around here! More to come about Kindergarten! Happy Friday!