Friday, February 11, 2011

Bad Mommy! (Potty Update)

Zoya has been doing fairly well with going potty. We have switched mainly to pull ups except for nap and night time. Last night and tonight I tried big girl underwear and last night she stayed dry yay! She WOULD HAVE stayed dry tonight if I would have listened to her. It went like this:

Zoya signed potty and went a lot, 10 minutes later....repeat, 10 minutes later.....repeat, 5 minutes later she asks again and I say "you just went like three don't need to go AGAIN!" She asks AGAIN and I say OKAY, let's go and we go to the potty and she had peed her good mommy points there!

She has recently started asking to go potty quite a bit....before she only asked here or there and not consistently at all. I'm trying to figure out if she is making the connection and asking when she has to go (obviously she CAN do that I've learned after tonight), or if she is just asking to go because it's fun to do. This past week she seems to have to go at least once every 30 minutes and sometimes more, so I'm not sure she is emptying her bladder the whole way or why she has to go so often lately.  When we first started the pull ups she was dry for longer periods of time and could stay dry for an I don't know why she is going so frequently now. We haven't changed her fluid intake at all so that isn't a factor.  Poop is a whole other story! I think she's getting closer to pooping in the potty but we shall see! She is so proud of her big girl underwear! We even put a pair on her bear :)

My plan is to just put her in the training underwear a few hours before bed each night and not push it, just get her used to them and then when she is more consistent maybe increase her time wearing underwear. I would definitely NOT take her out of the house without that pull up!!! Not yet! Slow and steady, slow and steady!


  1. Woohoo ZOYA! Clapping, Cheering, can you hear us? Shout it from the rooftop WE are so very proud of you Zoya! Rockin those big girl panties!!!!!

    Well I tried to have your friend Izzy with me while I read this, she stayed for a little while and then quickly turned and changed the subject. She just isn't as far long in her potty training that you are.

  2. She's precious, Sarah, she truly is. My Dash, who just turned 4, can potty every 15 minutes and go EVERY TIME. It WEARS ME OUT.. I'm like you, there is no way, there is no way, umm obviously there is a way... Anyway, when he is occupied no problem but just watching TV, look out, potty central. Good luck.

    Love finds a way,

  3. congratulations! You'll have to give me tips when that time comes. :)