Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's a Girl!

So here is our news! Not pregnant, so to my friend who thought I looked pregnant....OOPS! ;) I won't mention any names! But you did just jump start my diet....haha kidding!

We are beyond excited!!!!!!! And ready to get our girl soon!

I will be blogging at for our adoption! We're thankful for your love and support!


Who wore the shirt better?

Here is Zoya...

AND.......Here is MILA wearing the same shirt....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Zoya Girl

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.

Listen to the don'ts.

Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the don'ts.

Listen to the never haves,

then listen close to me...

Anything can happen, child. 

Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Glasses for Mila Part 2

Well we've been trying out some different frames AT HOME. Definitely a lot less stressful than in the office! I was so hopeful about the Specs 4 Us brand glasses as they are made specifically for kids with Down Syndrome and their unique facial features. The people at Specs 4 Us were so very helpful! They sent out 5 different frames for us to try at home. Unfortunately Mila was not happy about them and didn't keep them on  longer than a few seconds. I think the nose pads were really bothering her. Even on the smallest frames they were sliding into the corners of her eyes when she moved.

Darling, but too big!

She looks thrilled, right?

We had tried the Miraflex ones in the office and those flew of faster than I could blink! A couple of my DS mama friends shared THIS WEBSITE with me and I ended up ordering THIS PAIR to try with Mila. They came in the mail today (minus the lenses since I wanted to try them on her first to decide) and what do you know, she left them on for FORTY MINUTES without touching them!! I think we have a winner!! I just hope that she continues to like them once we get the lenses put in them. The lenses will be touching her long eyelashes so hopefully that won't bother her too much! I was so happy that she seemed to actually LIKE these glasses. They are feather light and must have been a lot more comfortable for her than the others we tried. I even put them on her 3 different times today and every time she left them on without bothering them!

Clapping for glasses! 

I can't wait to see her reaction with the lenses when she realizes she can see better! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 10 Months Home Mila Bean!

Well clearly, Mila is no longer a jelly bean in size, but the name definitely stuck :) I can hardly believe our sweet girl is the same child who was placed in our arms almost a year ago. I came across this video tonight and it had been some time since I last watched it. It still takes my breath away every time I watch it to see her so stiff and lifeless. But it also makes my heart happy to see her starting into my eyes and soul and knowing that from that day forward she never experienced another day without knowing love.

I remember being so worried about why she was so stiff and rigid, among other worries. I then learned this is a common posture for crib babies who have no idea really how to be held and snuggled. Mila was mostly kept in her crib because the staff thought that this was best for her since she was so sick. I wish so badly she didn't have to experience her first 7 months of life without us, but I trust that she came into our lives, and us into her, in the exact moment that we were meant to meet one another.

As much as it hurts to look back, it feels so good to know that God truly revived our beautiful daughter. He's not finished with her yet, either! 10 months later and I smile knowing where she came from, witnessing how far she has come, and looking forward to the beautiful future she has a head of her!

Prune Bath!

So last week I made some almond milk chocolate pudding, told Shawn I had an appointment, and left him with the chocolate pudding, Mila, and the Occupational Therapist for some sensory therapy! I have a hard time with in food my plan was brilliant!
When I found out how much fun Mila (and Zoya) had, I thought I should do more stuff like this. The OT suggested doing it more often for some good sensory input, and also to work on feeding skills :)

So tonight, I decided to let the girls get messy IN THE BATHTUB where it would be really easy to clean. This was perfect as the mess was contained and I didn't have to freak out the whole time :) Instead of pudding tonight we used baby food prunes....YUM! As you can see, the girls had a great time! I gave them bowls and spoons and they went to town! It was super easy to clean up too! (Did I mention I love that part?)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glasses for Mila!

Yesterday at Mila's eye appointment she was prescribed glasses. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm happy to know that she'll be seeing clearly soon, but sad when I saw her fighting so hard to get the trial frames off her face :( When I asked the eye doctor for suggestions on keeping frames on an 18 month old and he laughed and said "super glue." For some reason I didn't find that funny.

We stopped in to try on a few frames and it was my own fault for going when Mila was tired and probably hungry and had already spent over an hour at her eye appointment. We tried on some Miraflex and Specs 4 Us frames. Mila hated the Miraflex and they were so close to her eyes since her face is so flat. I don't blame her. I managed to snap one blurry picture of a pair of the Specs 4 Us before Mila lost it. We lasted about 10 minutes there LOL.
Poor baby looks less than thirlled about wearing glasses :( 

I called Specs 4 Us (frames designed specifically for kiddos with Down Syndrome) and they are sending me out a bunch of pairs to try! This will be great because we can do it without rushing and without pressure to choose on the spot! We can also choose times when she is happy and might tolerate it better. We're also looking into seeing if we can try a couple pair from Solo Bambini.

So those of you mamas that have been there, done that with glasses for an 18 month old (with DS), any suggestions on frames or what worked best or on how to get her to keep them on??? Has anyone used Specs 4 Us with a baby this young? They told me infants actually wear these ones....but it'd be nice to hear from someone whose child (around Mila's age) who actually wore the Specs 4 Us successfully (or not!) Thanks!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Waaah! My baby is not a baby anymore....

Okay so maybe I'm overreacting, but look at this picture:
Soooooo not a baby anymore :( She is adding one bottom front tooth to her collection of 4 molars and two almost-popped-through-but-taking-forever-i-teeth! 

Attempt #1 of a picture with Great Grandma!

And #2...clearly Mila is not cooperating here and Grandma is laughing because she is so wiggly!

And finally on attempt #3, sheesh Mila could you smile? HA!

Working on her cheese face (I will have to upload the video another time...she makes this face when the camera flashes and we say "CHEESE" haha)

More Cheese!
"Num Num Num, hands are good for teething"

Zoya and Mila with their cousin who is a total sweetheart with the girls! :) 
Can't forget Zoya with Great Grandma! So thankful for my Grandma!

This was the "past nap-time sillies"

Just reading up on some Toy Story! It helps if you keep your eyes OPEN, Zoya ;)
My loves!

Too cute!
Hard to have a bad day with that smile....

"You talkin' to ME?"

I love that they love each other so much! (Right after this picture Mila pulled Zoya's hair hard and Zoya just laughed!)

Zoya is signing to Mila :) Such a good big sister!

High-5's all around!