Friday, August 15, 2014

Sailing, Pontoon Boat, and The Fire Truck

This summer Zoya and Mila participated in this sailing program. Sofia's not quite ready to trust anyone besides Mom and Dad yet so she got to hang out on the doc and ride the pontoon boat while her sisters were having their turns sailing. Today was the last sailing session of the summer (tear!) This means the snow will be coming soon, I wish I was kidding! 

A Mila sighting! 

Hold on tight Uncle Mike! 

Zoya is known as the pontoon boat hostess! She insists on sharing her snacks with ALL the riders, even if they're not hungry ;) ! 

Sofia was feeding the ducks!

Piggies waving in the wind! 

C'mon Sofia, act like you're having some fun! 

That's better! 

Spotted Mila again...this time with some sopping wet pig tails! :) 

After sailing the little ladies went home with Dad and Zoya and I went for a stroll with Kimmy. Kimmy is a CCI dog that is handled by one of Zoya's therapists. She visits Zoya every time the therapist visits! Zoya absolutely loves Kimmy! We happened upon a fire truck with some firefighters getting ready to practice some dives in the choppy chilly waters! They let Zoya hop on and check out the truck! 

 Zoya and Kimmy even got to sit on the front of the fire truck! 

I'm pretty sure Kimmy is smiling here! 

I can't believe summer is winding down already! We are getting ready to send Zoya off to Kindergarten and I can hardly stand it! Mama is going back to work part time too so lots of changes around here! More to come about Kindergarten! Happy Friday! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The "Bedtime Sillies"

The girls were in rare form tonight just being extremely silly, so I grabbed the camera to capture their sweet faces! They're growing up so fast, it makes me sad!!! Look at these beautiful BIG girls! 

Mila is famous for this pose right before her dive bomb! Sofia has started mimicking her but is too scared to fully commit to the fall! 

Happy Zoya girl was jumping, jumping, jumping...she's so full of life! 

And since Sofia is such a mimic, she was trying some jumps (on the couch too)...sister got some air!! 

August already? Amusement Park Fun!

Our summer has mostly been taken up by the move-packing and unpacking, trying to find things, fixing up the house and trying to have some fun too....but mostly just falling into bed exhausted every night! When I looked at the calendar and realized Zoya starts KINDERGARTEN in 2 weeks, I told Shawn we needed to try and have some summer fun fast! 

We took the girls to a local amusement park for a few hours today! 

The sight of all 3 little bees walking (in separate directions) was both beautiful and terrifying! 

When Zoya was little she never wanted to go on rides here, she was always too terrified. She's come a long way and was comfortable enough to go on TONS of rides. At times she was anxious but her excitement usually overrode her anxiety and she talked herself into going on rides! Sofia loves adventure but never would have gone on her own, so it was nice that she had big sister Zoya as her partner in crime! Mila watched as these two went on the first ride! 

They both loved it. 

Then it was Mila's turn to take a ride with Zoya. Mila got upset with the loud horns that the kids in front were using and started crying when the ride started. Sweet Zoya comforted her and repeatedly said, "You're always safe with Zoya" while rubbing her back. It made me so proud and brought me to tears! 

Zoya's telling Mila, "One minute and all done." Watching her use so many of the strategies I use with her for when she's feeling scared or anxious moved my heart in a way I wasn't expecting! 

She was able to calm Mila down and get her to stop crying pretty quickly. I stood there so amazed and proud of her! Mila said "more" when the ride was over HA! 


These two cracked me up in this little horse and buggy ride...they fought over who got to hold the reins the entire time. 

Sofia was NOT happy Zoya took the reins from her! LOL! 

They loved these fun mirrors! 

These two were laughing so hard in the mirror! Shawn would stand on his tip toes and make their heads look really long. Zoya kept reaching up on top of her head to see if it was really that long! HA! 

Hopefully we can make it back again before old man winter hits ;)