Zoya's Story

Zoya's Adoption Video:

Adoption had always been in the back our our minds as a "some day" thing. My husband, Shawn, and I have always had a passion for people with special needs, specifically people with Down Syndrome. Teaching special education, I was able to meet some amazing kids with Down Syndrome. So at some point our talks of "some day adopting" became "maybe now." We initially began our search domestically and learned that there was already a list of over 250 families who would be willing to adopt a child with Down Syndrome, so we didn't feel called to adopt domestically since there wasn't a huge need for adopting children with DS in the US. In June of 2009, I stumbled across REECE'S RAINBOW and it changed our life!  We searched many profiles and on September 24, 2009, we committed to adopt Zoya. God spoke loud and clear telling us to GO and bring this child home to be our daughter. We abandoned all fears, clung to God and followed this path to our amazing angel. This is the sole picture that grabbed our hearts and wouldn't let go!

Zoya was born on June 3, 2008 in Ukraine.  When we learned of her, she was a 16 month old orphan living in an orphanage in Ukraine. Her young birth mother left her at the hospital after her diagnosis of Down Syndrome. She didn't want to see her, meet her, hug her, or say goodbye. In Eastern Europe, people with disabilities have no place in society so Zoya's story isn't unusual. No father was ever listed on Zoya's birth certificate.  She was unwanted by her biological parents as well as by Eastern European society.  She was left to live a short, unloved life laying in a crib just existing.  Zoya was born with two serious heart defects which made her first 17 months of life very difficult. We were told she was very sick and the doctors did not think she had a good chance of living.  In October of 2009, she was blessed to have her heart repaired in Ukraine while we chased papers trying to get to our baby.

We completed tons of paperwork from June until March and were finally invited to meet Zoya.  We traveled to Ukraine for 3 weeks for the first trip, meeting her on March 17th, 2010.

Zoya's Orphanage
First Family of 3 Photo on the first day we met Zoya (March 17, 2010)

When we met Zoya she was just learning to sit and could not crawl at 21 months old.  She seemed very curious and alert.  She was a sweet spirit from the first meeting.  We got to visit her twice a day for 2 hours at a time while we waited for our court date, which turned into two court dates since we were the pioneer family in that region.  When we felt all hope might be lost, God came through with his promise and the courts named us as the parents to Zoya Faith Basile on Good Friday (April 2, 2010). 

We came home for about a week to wait until court was finalized, then returned to Ukraine and sprung her from the orphanage on April 19, 2010.
Gotcha Day April 19, 2010
She arrived home in the United States on April 22, 2010 in Erie, PA and has been thriving ever since!

Here is our timeline of events for Zoya's adoption: 
June 15, 2009-Contacted Reece's Rainbow/began searching profiles
September 13, 2009-Inquired about Zoya
September 24, 2009-Committed to Adopt Zoya
September 25, 2009-PA state police criminal record check sent
September 28, 2009-Sent for PA child abuse clearance
September 29, 2009-Started the paperwork chase
October 1, 2009-got FBI fingerprints
October 1, 2009-scheduled Home Study visit for Oct. 17th
October 10, 2009-Zoya's family page is on Reece's Rainbow!
October 17, 2009-Homestudy Visit
October 24, 2009--1 month waiting for Zoya to come home
November 5, 2009-Received Completed Homestudy in the Mail
November 6, 2009-Mailed out USCIS Application
November 24, 2009-2 months waiting for Zoya to come home
November 25, 2009-Zoya is recovering from surgery!
November 27, 2009-Received USCIS Fingerprint Appointment!
December 3, 2009-Got USCIS fingerprints done
December 24, 2009-3 months waiting for Zoya to come home
December 24, 2009-Received I-171 H in the mail!
December 30, 2009-got 27 of 28 documents apostilled in Harrisburg
January 7, 2010-Received LAST document in the mail
January 8, 2010-MAILED DOSSIER!
January 11, 2010-Dossier arrived in Zoya's country
January 15-18, 2010-Chasing a few more papers that were added on :(
January 24, 2010-4 months waiting for Zoya to come home
January 27, 2010-Received a Submittal Date of February 4th!
January 29, 2010-Mailed out the last (hopefully) forms to Zoya's country!
February 5, 2010--2nd addendum documents arrived (late)
February 5, 2010--Send a 3rd set of docs over (usually doesn't happen this way)...wait wait wait
February 11, 2010-Dossier Submitted!
February 23, 2010-Received our Travel Date!
February 24, 2010-5 months waiting for Zoya to come home
March 12, 2010-Leaving to Meet Zoya
March 15, 2010-SDA appointment in Ukraine
March 17, 2010-Met Zoya!
March 30, 2010-First Court Appointment--didn't finish court :(
April 2, 2010-Second court appointment...Zoya Faith Basile is officially ours! 10 day wait starts

April 19, 2010-Gotcha Day...Zoya is with us FOREVER!
April 22, 2010-Zoya Lands In America!

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