Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 Steps for Mila!

"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it." 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Light Table Therapy

I love using our homemade light box for sensory play, learning, and integrating lots of therapy skills in a fun way! I blogged about our light box HERE previously. 

While Zoya was in school today (great first week by the way!) I pulled out the light box for Mila and Sofia. It kept their interest for about 40 minutes! We practiced stacking, taking turns, crossing midline, and standing and squatting to put items inside other items on top of the table. I just found some toys we had around the house that were see through, and they loved it! I enjoyed watching their faces light up with wonder while they played (and learned but didn't know it!)

This is my favorite picture, they look like baby wizards here! Their physical therapist brought this awesome light up shiny ball filled with gel and ribbons and forgot to take it with her after her last session, so we had some extra fun with it :) 

Here's a ton more pictures of our fun activity today! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zoya's First Day of Her Last Year of Preschool!

Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes For Breakfast.....

She was shocked when she realized her pancake was shaped like Mickey Mouse! 

She thought it was pretty cool! 

Daddy fed the little ones (usually I let them feed themselves but we didn't have time for baths before leaving for our trek to school and chocolate chip pancakes always equals a bath with them!)

Here is is, all ready for her first day! I love her in purple. She picked out her outfit today! 

We've gotten three years out of this backpack! I will have to do a side by side from all 3 years because as she gets bigger the backpack looks smaller! 

Ready to conquer the world today! 

That American flag in the background had me a bit emotional, thanking the Lord we were able to bring her to this country and give her a wonderful life AND education! 

Off they go! Shawn had today off, so thankfully, I got to take a leisurely walk behind them! LOL. This load is weighing in at just under 125 pounds this year...there's one big hill on the way to school that I nearly die on every time! Walking is way easier than fighting the thousand cars trying to drop their kids off at school, AND way easier than buckling and unbuckling 3 5-point harnesses and then loading them into the wagon or stroller just to get from the car to the door.....PLUS it's a good workout for me and friendly to the earth, so we do it as long as we can (until old man winter hits). 

They were so excited watching the busses pass! 

Here comes another one! 

I hope her teacher is ready for this :) 

Mila was cheering Daddy up the hill! 

Zoya's saying hello to some friends passing by! 

In she goes, a little nervous at first...

Oh, I've got it from here....see ya mom! 

Zoya's fabulous nurturing and accepting and holds the bar high for our Zoya girl! <3 p="">

Waiting in line. She kept asking where her best friend was! 

 Saying hello to old friends....

And then there were two.....

Mila says, "What now, mom?" And all I could think when she looked back at me was "I'm NEVER going to be able to let her go next!"

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School....

Tomorrow starts Zoya's third year of preschool! Since she has a June birthday, we decided to do one more year of preschool. Especially with me being home now, we're in no rush or need to send her to full day kindergarten just yet! She still naps 3-4 days out of the week and, well, I'd miss her too much if she was gone all day! LOL. Although she is ready skills wise, we just think Zoya could use one more year, emotionally, before she starts kindergarten.  Babies aren't babies forever but I'm trying my best to keep her little as long as I can :) The class Zoya is in now is multi-age from 3 years through kindergarten, so by doing one more year of preschool we buy her another year in this awesome classroom! It is the same class she was in last year and she knows she is loved and safe and expected to do her best in her classroom. Her team is amazing and we're excited about another year full of growth! I'm going to miss her lots, but she is ready to be back with her friends and she's so excited school is FINALLY starting again! 

Happy New School Year!