Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Farm Fun!

We took our annual trip to the pumpkin farm! This year we were lucky to have The Spitz Family and Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike join us!! It was so much fun! 

These two had to be woken up from their naps to go but they were happy!

Off we go with the wagon! 

 Mila says, "Check this place out!"

Our sunny girl Zoya cheesing away! 

All 3 of them loved the slides! 

 Sofia was walking all's starting!!! All 3 of them are going in opposite directions all the time and it's giving me a run for my money! 

Daddy taking Mila and Zoya for their turn on the slide while Sofia runs after them! 

Mila's new favorite sign is "Go, go, go!!!" Which is what she is signing here. Every time they got to the bottom of the slide she signed "Go!" again :) 

"Mom, this place is so cool! Check out all the dirt!" (Mila was the cleanest of the 3 at the end of the night!)

Sofia would have gone down that slide all day long (probably head first if we let her!) 

"Go, go, go!"

Owen, Uncle Mike and Mila! 

Zoya loved going down first, then waiting for Shawn or I to follow behind and crash into her!

Lyla is telling a really crazy story here if you couldn't tell! 

Aunt Carol was on snack duty. 

Uncle Mike with Lyla and Zoya on the other slide! Lyla and Zoya were plotting something here!

Lyla working hard and Queen Zoya being carried! She's still not her old self and tires pretty easily :( We have a couple more appointments next week but just keep praying she'll be back to herself soon! 

Fishy face Lyla! 

I just love this picture of Uncle Mike and Lyla Bean! 

Sofia pouting in Sofia fashion ;) 

The 3 Best Friends :) When Zoya was in the hospital the only thing that got her through her many blood draws was singing about Sara and Gavin :) Sara is so very sweet and gentle with Zoya!

I can't help but get a little teary seeing this picture. 3 friends who all came together through the miracle of adoption. And our families are so blessed by the gifts they are! 

This girl lives in my heart! 

CRASH! Love Gavin's face here :) 

Going to join her friends after a little time out for pushing her sister ;) 

My goodness she is so so beautiful! 

Zoya was determined to figure out how to bounce on this ball and she did it! 

Very concerned Aunt and Uncle HAHA! Not sure what was happening here but it looks serious! 

Lyla bean is walking so great!! 


Sweet Moment between Daddy and Sofia! 

Zoya just loves sweet SG! She talks about her EVERY DAY! Even though they don't go to the same school, Zoya still includes SG on her "friend list" that she runs down before school every day! I think she thinks if she keeps asking maybe she'll magically appear. 

8 very special babes! 

Some attempts at family shots....I don't see any success for a few more years HAHA! 

Uncle Mike, Aunt Carol and the girls! We are so blessed to have them in our lives! 

Being silly! 

Mila has been really into her friend, Shadow, lately :) Here she is waving to her buddy ;) At one point Mike walked up behind Mila and started making shadows over her....she whipped her head back looking at Uncle Mike to figure out what in the world was going on! 

Everyone loves the giant corn box! 




Yes sweet girl, "Love Makes a Family." 

SG! We love this girl! 

Sweet Lyla Bean and her mama!! Pure LOVE! 

 A failed attempt at a picture with the babies! 

Aunt Carol and Gavin! 

This photo needs NO WORDS, I'm sure you can all see that look in her eyes and understand how much trouble this one is ;) 

And also how much joy she is :)

Uncle Mike was signing to Mila girl while we picked out pumpkins...she was a few minutes away from being D.O.N.E. and he saved the day :)

Sofia was literally eating dirt here and looking at me like, "aren't you going to tell me to stop?" NOPE, eat away...God made dirt and dirt don't hurt! (If you were wondering she was the dirtiest of all 3 and highly enjoyed playing in the rocks and dirt!)

This is the pumpkin Zoya picked out...a little different from the rest...just like her :) 

It was such an awesome day, I hope we can make one more trip before it gets too cold around here! It happened to be 80 degrees when we were there...which is unheard of for October in the North! 


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your pictures!!!!!!

  2. What fun. So awesome you can all get together. Prayers for Zoya to feel like herself real soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So glad you guys got to enjoy such a wonderful day! Love that one photo of Sofia's "trouble" expression--she is such a cutie! All the kids are just adorable! I sure do hope sweet Zoya feels better soon! She obviously has improved but even to me, a stranger, her eyes just don't look quite right. I know recovery can take time though! Will say a prayer for her doctor to give an "All is well" report!

  4. Thank you for sharing... Just beautiful photos... Love seeing the Spitz family too!

  5. What wonderful pictures at the pumpkin farm with Aunt Carol, Uncle Mike and the Spitz family. How many other fathers would clip their baby's binky on their own shirt? I doubt very many, but Shawn sure did, only a very special dad would do it. I hope you have some nice warm weather until you will have to be indoors for the winter. Carol