Tuesday, May 13, 2014


A very special friend spoiled the girls rotten with these adorable tutu outfits, and a whole 2nd set as well LOL!!! We were so excited about "Tu-Tu-Tuesday" today!!!! We are so thankful for Miss Erica....her dance studio truly is our happy place and that's because she is so full of good energy and love! 

This is Mila's new signature dance move! She throws herself on the floor with a "thud" and then kicks her leg behind her while twisting her body, it's hysterical! 

Sofia ROCKED IT today!!!!! Usually she is anxiety-ridden during dance class and very clingy....today she was giving hugs and tons of smiles and even let Miss Erica hold her! 

At quick glance it looks like there are four little bees...that scared me for a moment when I just looked at this picture! HAHA!!!! 

Stealing a hug and a kiss! 

Sofia's favorite part of this dance class is putting her guitar down and "jumping" over it :) She's getting pretty good!

Mila could watch herself dance in the mirror ALL DAY! 


I was attempting to get a picture of all 3 of them together, I got the picture, just not a good one LOL! 

This one is kinda cute :) 

I am pretty sure that is not what the ballet bar is for, but this could be the next big dance move! 

Sofia on the tippie toes like Miss Erica! 

These two were fighting over Daddy! 

I am NOT happy this class is over!!!! 

Miss Erica and Sofia!! 


  1. :) 4 bees ! what about adding a bumble bee ? ;)

  2. It's awesome to see Mila stand up, walking and dancing. I'm so happy for her.
    She's a sunshine.

    I hope so hard, one day i'll be healthy enough for adopting a little bee like yours.

  3. SCORE for Miss Erica - she has won Sofia's heart!!! I'm not sure there is anything cuter than a set of little bare toes and tu-tu's....except THREE SETS of little bare toes and tu-tu's!! I can see why this is your happy place!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  4. Ok, I can't resist--they are "tu-tu CUTE!" ;)