Friday, September 4, 2015

A Little Peek....

No, I'm not back to blogging, but I've received a few emails from former loyal blog readers who miss seeing our updates! My time these days is so very limited so I haven't even had a chance to respond to those emails! I thought I'd pop over here and post a couple pictures of the girls so you can all see they are doing well! Zoya is in 1st grade (7 years old), Mila is in Pre-K (4 years old) and Sofia is in Preschool (3 years old for only 5 more days!) The girls are getting so big!

Zoya had some surprise medical diagnoses and we spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital this past spring. It was a tough time and we're still trying to recover from that craziness. The picture below was taken after Zoya was reuinted with her sisters after a long hospital stay. They were SOOOOOO excited to see each other again! This picture was actually chosen for the NYC Time's Square Video presentation, so Three Little Bees will be travelling to NYC soon :)

Thanks for checking in on us! 

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