Sunday, October 11, 2009


We are fully aware that by doing something out of the ordinary with our lives (in this case adopting a baby with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe), we will face many questions from well-intentioned family and friends, and possibly criticism from those who don't understand why we are doing what we're doing.  We have come to a peace with our decision, or else it never would have been made!  We know the process won't be easy, we know it won't be easy when Zoya is home.  "Easy" actually doesn't fit anywhere into this entire process!  We have looked past the adoption process....yes, it will be difficult to bond with a child who has been in an orphanage her entire life.  We KNOW that, we are preparing for and praying about all the difficult details we know will be coming our way.  However, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has led our lives here...exactly right here.  Who can question that?

One of the blogs I follow is written by a mom who is also in the process of adopting an orphan with Down Syndrome.  She posted a commical, yet accurate picture of some of the questions we will face throughout this adoption journey.  It made me laugh, but also prepared me for some good answers to give! Shawn and I have thought about ALL these questions!  Check it out:

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