Friday, May 13, 2011

Learning Numbers

I blogged about Zoya learning her colors HERE (you can follow the link on that post to see an additional post about learning colors). Zoya has been doing fabulous learning numbers 0-10 using the same program she used to learn her colors. Zoya has shown me on multiple occassions that she knows all numbers 0-10! This video shows her doing number flashcards with the number characters on the back. She is highly motivated by knowing the characters are on the backs of the flashcards :) I'm so proud of her! We are working on helping Zoya to say the numbers since the signs are way too hard for any 2 year old, let alone one with delays in fine motor skills. She can say zero, two, and nine pretty clearly so far. Her only way to show us right now what she knows as far as her numbers are by selecting the correct choice or pointing. In the video you see her selecting from a choice of three numbers. She is able to pick out of a selection of up to 5 numbers without getting distracted, and if she is really focused she can point to the correct number characters out of all 11 numbers on her number placemat.

I will try to upload a video of her doing numbers on the iPad in another post :)


  1. Zoya you are such a smart little cookie!! And Sarah, what an amazing job you have done working with Zoya! We just ordered our dvds of this series and can't wait for the triplets to get started learning!

  2. AMAZING!!!! I wil be emailing you with specific questions on how you worked with her on these. She is doing awesome!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  3. Go Zoya, Go Zoya, Go Zoya.

    Great job.

    Teri & Izzy

  4. My Word! Zoya is Very impressive! You are doing such an awesome job with her