Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Four Leaf Clover

During our journey to adopt Zoya, I posted about chosing a four leaf clover over a rose and how that applied to Zoya. You can read about it HERE. The other day we were playing in the backyard and I found a four leaf clover, I started taking pictures of it, marveling at it's beauty and then I noticed there was another four leaf clover right next to it!! What are the chances? Check it out!

Sweet lovin'...Daddy's little girl

Even though I chopped of her head I still love this picture of them jumping off the patio!

Stopping to smell the flowers...a lesson I'll always thank Zoya for teaching me

My precious little family (p.s. the dog is on an antidepressant and new dog food...she still barks at everything but has stopped throwing up at least!! LOL)

Zoya thinks this is hillarious!

Zoya has learned to say and sign "me" (sounds like ma but close enough) now it's "me" and whatever she wants to do. She's been saying/signing "me car" and wanting to go in the car every time she sees it! And look at those beautiful eyes!

Killer smile...and check out how long her hair is getting...much better than that orphanage do!

The many faces of Zoya...

And who can resist a sweet jammied little love like this (with her happy heart pillow)?


  1. Love the photos!

    I have to agree with Zoya, that is a funny when Mya is giving Daddy lovin!

    Oh Mya Mya Mya, so glad you aren't sick to your tummy any more but oh little lady the antidepressants! :)

    I can't help but look at a photo of Zoya smiling and not smile myself, I dare say I would challenge anyone to say that they can without smiling. I know none of us here can, we smile, laugh and giggle all the time watching videos and looking at photos, she's just so darn cute.


  2. Im convinced you have the most beautiful daughter in the whole world! LOVE her "Killer smile" picture...the "cheese smiles" are cute...but this one is just so darn sweet!

    Brooke Annessa

  3. I just LOVE her so very much!!!!

  4. She is getting so big, and TALL! What a cutie :)

    So does the second four leaf clover represent a brother or sister??? ;)

  5. Lindy I was going to say the same thing. I think that 2nd four leaf clover is someone trying to tell you something, maybe a brother or sister for this sweet girl. :)

  6. Those last few pictures of Zoya...the meaning of breath taking...beautiful girl, beautiful family...