Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Job Zoya!

So I'm not a homeschooling mama but I am a teacher and I love teaching Zoya! She absolutely LOVES learning anything and everything! She takes such pride in her accomplishments. Recently I've seen her taking initiative and using and applying the skills she has learned and it makes me so proud of her! She knows her letters and numbers and can verbally identify all of them. The other day she was drawing on her magna doodle and she said, "Mama 'f'" and I looked down and sure enough her little doodle looked like the letter "f." I praised her a bunch and then she put her pen to the magna doodle again and did a little scribble that looked like a 2. She said, "Mama 2!" I called Shawn in because I couldn't even believe I was watching her make these connections all on her own outside of any letter lesson we did together. Do I think she could write a "2" or an "f" if I asked her? No, but she was making a connection between her scribble and her knowledge of numbers and letters and also between writing in general! She has been picking out letters everywhere we go and spelling the words on big signs, sweatshirts, her stroller, even on the buckle on the cart. She has been picking up books and "reading" them and I just think it's the sweetest thing ever! I love watching the wheels turn and seeing how she loves learning so much!

Soon I'll post Christmas pictures, I promise, but I wanted to remember this little moment first :)


  1. Woo hoo!!! Wow, that's awesome, Zoya! It's so funny the stuff our kids absorb and absorb over time, then suddenly decide to reveal to us that they know. I can't count the number of times I've turned to my husband and asked him if he knew Sammi could do something she was just then showing us, and he's said "no". I think they really just like to keep us on our toes! :-)

  2. Isn't it amazing! I know it blows my mind all the time too.

    Way to go Zoya!

  3. Yay! Great job Zoya!!!


  4. GO ZOYA! You are an amazing little superstar! Happy New Year Basile family of FOUR!!!!!! ((((BIG HUGS))))!

  5. What's even more amazing is: when you think about how she had little or no learning experiences until she met you and Shawn, these milestones are even more miraculous! Good job, Mama. Look out world, here comes Zoya!

    Happy (and good nights sleeping) New Year, Basile Family.

    Sue M.

  6. Go Zoya! She's so stinkin' cute and smart to boot!