Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Well since we thought we'd be in the hospital for Christmas Day, we celebrated the weekend before. It was a great day, but there was a definite sense of stress on my part with the looming surgery. I enjoyed it as much as I could but wish I could have let go and enjoyed it a little more. We had a nice morning and just like last year, Zoya took allll morning to open her presents. She liked opening one and playing with it for a while. We had to keep telling her she had more presents!

From us and Santa she received a Sid the Science Kid Talking doll, a toddler MP3 player, and a baby doll that can go in the bathtub! Her favorite is the MP3 player, or as we call it, her radio. It came with 20 songs preloaded onto it and we added some more of her favorite songs. She could carry that thing around all day if we'd let her! She and Mila got a pretty cool doorway swing from Uncle Bub and that gift was MY favorite! So good for therapy, and Mila can use it too when she is stronger. From us and Santa, Mila received a white noise sheep for her crib, a travel mobile (that she loves and that worked fabulous in the hospital), and a floor mirror.

The first present Zoya opened on Christmas eve was from Aunt Debbie and as she pulled back the paper she yelled MINNIE! And sure enough it was a Minnie Mouse Doll. So from then on, lots of the presents she opened on Christmas she was trying to guess what was inside by saying "Minnie?" or "Elmo?" It was cute. She got to open some of Mila's presents too and would ask before opening "Mila?" or "Zoya?" just to make sure she knew who it was for before she opened it!

This is when she discovered Minnie Mouse was inside the wrapping!

She loves Minnie!

Modeling her new princess dress!
Family of 4!

So excited for her Sid Doll

"I love him!"
Mila and Mama
Zoya's MP3 player
Attacking Daddy
She loves her pillow from Uncle Bub and sleeps with it every night!

Loved the doll from her Great Grandma P.
Reading her books from Thom and Annie and family! (I LOVE the book called "Beautiful Oops" that they got her...just fabulous!!!)

Mila hanging out on her first Christmas

She loved the wrapping paper!

The bunny is from great grandma and it says "jelly bean!" So perfect!!

More wrapping paper

beautiful sisters

Love how Zoya is looking at Mila

Zoya's new swing

She thinks her mama is silly

Mila says "this is exhausting"

More to come :)

*Also I've gotten many inquiries about my Ginkgo comment. I'm working on a post (in my spare time ha!)


  1. Oh my goodness those pictures are priceless..

    I do think the two best gifts you have received that weren't wrapped are in the family of 4 picture, incredibly awesome.

    Love the sleepers they are in, so cute!

    And Uncle Bub you ROCK! I love that doorway swing! I only wish that Izzy would like to swing, she hates it - scares her for some reason who knows. We finally have her requested to do the blanket rock that you have showed on video with Zoya.

    LOL, that definitely isn't wake up bed hair on Zoya. I love how long her hair is getting, it is so pretty with the bows.

  2. What can I say but absolutely precious!!!!???!!!!

  3. What a beautiful first Christmas with your girls!!!


  4. TaraN4ms@comcast.netJanuary 3, 2012 at 8:30 PM

    1. You are SO GORGEOUS!
    2. I would love the link or info
    on where you bought that swing!!

  5. Awwww! What a Merry Christmas in spite of your worries, the girls look like they had a blast. :)
    That swing is super cool, I can see many hours of use for that one in your house.

    I agree with the above poster, lots of pretty girls in these pictures!

  6. Precious beautiful girls!! Love the pics--ty for sharing! (And yes, I agree with the above person, Mama is beautiful too lol!) Love the photo of Zoya and Mila together. And Miss Zoya looks absolutely delighted with all her presents. That one in that cool swing where she is laughing with you is awesome too. Wishing you all the very best in the new year!