Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun Visitors!!

Our friends Dan, Teri, and their beautiful granddaughter, Izzy, drove 8 hours from Virginia to spend the weekend with us!!! They are some pretty amazing friends if you ask me!!! Izzy and Zoya have the same exact birthday....and have some uncanny similarities too!! Izzy is such a sweet soul who loves and embraces everyone!!! She and Zoya share a zest for life that I haven't come across in very many 3 (almost 4) year olds!

Uncle Bub also spent the weekend with us! Zoya gets so very excited when he visits and I can't tell her anymore until the day of his arrival or else she'll grill me 100 times a day about when Bub is coming!!

So bummed this picture is blurry because it's just so cute!

Sweet friends!

Love these two!

Working on her modeling poses

When Izzy sees that camera, she strikes a pose then just keeps on with whatever she is funny!!

See what I mean? LOL

Zoya's favorite animal is a Zebra. She insisted on wearing the Zebra hat with the coat. I even gave her two hat choices haha.

Uncle Bub acquired a new niece this past weekend! Love how they're looking at each other here!

Zoya loves her Uncle Bub. Whenever we talk about him, she says "Bub AAACHHHOOOOO" because one time, a long time ago, Bub sneezed loud and scared the daylights out of Zoya and she hasn't forgotten!

Zoya posing with her favorite zoo animal (I'm talking about the Zebra, not Bub!).

Guess which animal SHE picked to ride?? She has a love/hate relationship with the carousal...she's obsessed with it but gets nervous once she's actually on. As soon as we get off she jumps up and down yelling "more"!

Zoya needs to work on her dismount from this thing....she's a bruiser!
We had so much fun with our company this weekend! I wish all of them lived closer!!!!

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  1. We had a great time and it was so much fun at the Zoo! It was very nice to meet your brother and join in the festivities this past weekend.