Monday, April 2, 2012

Wedding Fun

Shawn's sister got married this past weekend in Virginia. So we packed up the girls and made the 6 hour trek down. The car ride went much better than I anticipated with no tears from anyone!!! We made only one stop. Mila took a couple naps and Zoya watched Mickey Mouse most of the way.

Mila's first night in a hotel was no exactly fun for anyone ;) But then again Zoya's first stay at a hotel wasn't exactly a night full of sleep either HA! Mila went to sleep later than usual which typically doesn't end up in a very restful night. She slept until about 11:30 and was awake until about 3:30am. She was keeping herself up by scratching the netting on the pack and play over and over and over (She's not slept in a pack n play since we were first home and is used to her crib I guess). I finally ended up putting her in bed with me (Shawn and Zoya slept on the pull out couch) at some point and she thought that was hilarious and just wanted to play and scratch my face. She finally fell asleep but tossed and turned quite a bit...she slept until about 6:30am and then I decided to try the pack n play again and she "napped" about an hour in there. I was one tired mama and Shawn didn't get much more sleep with our other Olympic daughter!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous...the day was beautiful and sunny, a perfect day to get married! Zoya went without a nap for the first time in a long time (well probably since her first overnight trip that I linked above!) and she did pretty good but she definitely still needs a nap :)

We decided to drive home after the wedding dinner (we had planned on staying 2 nights in the hotel) since we probably weren't going to get sleep either way! So we left at around 8pm and got home around 2am...Mila slept the ENTIRE way...woot! A little fussing in here sleep here and there because she couldn't move around much, but all in all it was a lot easier driving at night and having them sleep! Zoya slept until about midnight and then woke up and watched Mickey Mouse...went right back to bed when we got home :) Oh the adventures children bring to our lives!!! 

We loved the chance to spend time together with our family and get all dressed up :)

(Zoya has a thing about thresholds and cracks....even if it's just a visual difference she doesn't take any chances! LOL)

Hug for cousin Mattea :)

Love these kinda kisses :)

Sweet Smile

The little tongue is too cute!

Daddy and his beautiful girls!

Zoya is so proud to be Mila's sister!

Grandma and Grandpa B with their grandbabies :)
Love her!
Congratulations Stacey and Bryan :)


  1. That sound of nails on a pack and play makes me cringe every time. I'm 17, and obviously don't have but I can hear it in my mind after some long nights with little love-bugs while babysitting.I don't know what it is about the mesh that attracts those little fingers! You're girls are so very beautiful; I could comment the same thing on every post and never really get it across. I love how happy,healthy,and happy Mila is, and praise God that she was given this second chance at life!

  2. Glad this was such a wonderful trip for you! The pictures are all just beautiful....your little angels are so precious! Traveling with little ones is always an *ahem* adventure!!! It will get easier!! Thanks for sharing and congrats to Stacey and Bryan....beautiful!!!

  3. Your pictures are simply stunning! What a gorgeous family:) The girl's dresses are so very pretty too. Oh what the love of a forever family can do.......

    Susan from Boston

  4. Oh my good gravy, that is EXACTLY how Griffin (my 10 month old) gives kisses...French style!!! That is so funny:) :) Very nice photos--you're family is beautiful, especially all dressed up!

  5. I love the pictures, man are your girls beautiful!!

  6. Lovely pics!!. Who would guess seeing those angel faces that they kept Papa and Mama awake all night?. I've read that children sleeping time is the best for traveling, but thought it only applied for intercontinental trips with time difference, to minimize jet lag effects...

  7. What a beautiful family! You all looked amazing, especially two littlest ladies, of course :) Zoya should have talked a lot about the gorgeous bride, didn't she?

    Thank you for sharing the photos!

  8. My little girl (who has Ds) used to cross thresholds and cracks the EXACT same way Zoya does... too funny! Your girls are adorable as always!

  9. All of you look lovely as always! TY for sharing--and hope mama and daddy can catch up on some sleep lol!

  10. Sarah,
    the girls looked so beautiful. Love all he pics.