Friday, May 4, 2012

Celebrating Mila

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Mila's big celebration! Just as we did when Zoya came home, we had a big party to celebrate Mila's first birthday along with her adoption! We still had so many friends who had not yet met Mila because she was quarantined at home for so long! It was a beautiful celebration and we were reminded just how blessed we are to have so many people who love Mila and our family! Here are a few pictures from Mila's big day! She stayed close to Mama and Daddy for most of the party!

Mila's party outfit! 

Warming up for the big day!

Mila loves her Grandpa. Every time he gets a hold of her she gets sleepy! She slept for the first hour of her party!

Thanks to Teri for making the beautiful banner!

We did a little wishing tree for Mila where people wrote their wishes for her on a birdie and put it on the tree! So sweet.

Mila's timeline in pictures :)

"That look"

Silly with Daddy

Zoya says "baby" and puts her arms out when she wants to hold her!

Seth lovin' on Zoya girl

"It's my party and I'll pull my sister's hair if I want to!"
It was fabulous to finally take a deep breath, step back, and look at all Mila has been through and overcome in her first year of life! We are blessed she is ours; a total GIFT from God!


  1. There is a picture of Mila looking at you like that, I think on the very first day you met her. I was always amazed at how she made eye contact constantly with you.

    1. She still does this often, I love it :)

  2. GAH! Could Zoya and Mila be any cuter?! lOVE Mila's outfit! SO, so happy for your darling family! Are there any newborn photos of Mila? :( She's changed so much!

    All you need is love. xx

    1. Isn't that the truth...all you need is love :) No newborn pictures of Mila, no :( I'd love to see one but I imagine she looked about the same as her referral pic...she didn't grow much at all from birth until the day we met her :(

  3. It was a gorgeous day even with a little sprinkle here and there. :)

    Seth, he's a lovebug! I was lucky enough to get a hug goodbye from him.

    1. So glad you guys made the trip :) Loved having you here!

  4. Very cute!