Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Catch Up

As life settles into a routine (HA.HA.HA, yah right I know)....I hope to have more time to update this space! I always print my blogs into books annually and love the idea for having those for my girls to read one's the closest this mama gets to I'm hopeful I can update on a more regular basis as I learn to manage 3 little ones ages 4 and under! 

CHRISTMAS, PART 1: (During my week home in between trips...Sofia was not home yet, Papa and Grandma Gigi visited and we celebrated Christmas with them)

Grandma Gigi!

She got alllll into it! 

It was a Minnie Christmas!

Mila was in a very bad mood during present opening (the next morning when her diaper greeted us we found out why!) this is the only picture I have...her holding her perfect "Elmo in Grouchland" DVD!!!

The girls got this cute little baby high chair for their dollies! Papa and Gigi found it at an antique shop!

Feeding Minnie

Papa feeding the big baby! 

Reading with Will and Gigi
CHRISTMAS....PART 2! (Basile Family of 5 Christmas)

Our Christmas Eve (Dec. 31)

Getting ready for our family dinner. Look at my big girls at the table! 

Ham and mashed happy girl! 

Sitting in a big girl chair! 

Weird Ukrainian face! 

Happy to be enjoying her first family meal! 

She is getting so big! :( 

My babies! 
The Night Before Christmas-read and recorded by Papa (you're going to have to re-record this with all 3 girls names now, Dad!)

She LOVES this book so much that eventually we had to hide it from her :) 

Beautiful babies! 

Always a tradition to open a few gifts on Christmas Eve. We opened gifts from Great Grandma and Aunt Debbie! 

And our "Christmas Morning" pictures... (January 1)
We got all the girls one gift together this year! They all LOVE this play kitchen! 

Playing nicely together!

Mila tickling mama's toes. 

Morning baba....Love how she stares into my eyes during baba time! 

more playing :) 

Cheese face! 

She's not sure what to think of all the craziness...

Each of the girls got to open one present from us....they were all kitchen toys for all 3 to share :) Our girls are not huge on opening a million presents, thankfully :) And with our biggest gift this year being our Sofia girl, it was a light Christmas with the presents (from Mama and Daddy anyways LOL). Our girls SERIOUSLY have everything they need and just about everything they could ever imagine they'd want...they're spoiled rotten by friends and family, that's for sure! 
Sweet Sisters...

She has no idea the beauty of a family that is about to unfold in her life :)

Later that day, Grandma and Grandpa B. came to celebrate Christmas! 
Grandma meeting Sofia for the first time! 

It was a Minnie Christmas for Zoya!

Sofia meeting Grandpa B. 

A new swing from Grandma and Grandpa B. 

I made some white chocolate peppermint kettle corn and Zoya would NOT let Grandma have any! 

My favorite picture of all 3 girls from Christmas!

There were several unsuccessful attempts leading up to that picture! 

Zoya is constantly hugging and loving on her newest sister, so sweet! 

Miss Mila!

Such a beautiful sweet child! 

Her crazy face....she's plotting her escape! 

It's safe to say Sofia enjoyed her first Christmas!  
Joy baby! 
Her smile is radiating! 

Whewww, that's it, for now! It only took me a week, and opening this post 6 times to finish it! We just celebrated our last Christmas with Uncle Bub and Aunt Corrine and I'll post some of those pics soon! I already posted a few of them on the Adoption Blog, which I'll be closing out after a few more posts. I plan on blogging only here, eventually!

I am excited to update here about how the girls are adjusting to one another and what our family of FIVE looks like now that Sofia is home! I've been one busy mama, as I'm sure you can imagine! 


  1. I just wished they'd smile more....LOL. All 3 seem to have such distinct, different, wonderful personalities. Everytime I see pictures of them I walk around with such a smile on my face. You just can't be sad looking at these 3 angels!

  2. Love the girls in their matching reindeer jammies! I can smell that sweet clean baby smell right through your blog!!! And their little red Christmas outfits are soooo adorable! But their smiles and sweet laughter are what really make me smile! Orphans no more!!! You are all so blessed! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  3. Beautiful family! I too enjoyed the bottle time with our little and how she gazed into my eyes. Our bond is so intense and it is with her daddy too probably due to her needing us to forever care for her physical needs due to her cerebral palsy. I wouldn't change a thing as she seems to have been truly sent from God to us and I will forever praise him for entrusting her care onto us.


  4. Seriously 3 of the cutest little girls ever!!!

  5. I love how it looks like Sofia is playing some mad air guitar near the bottom of your post! Pure deliciousness :)

  6. Three amazing little girls. Watching them grow and change and blossom. Love, pure love. :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing your family with us! What beautiful girls! Blessings to you all and a Happy New Year and there is going to be lots of joy this year!

  8. Hi Sarah I tried to email you at but it got returned to me. My email address is I'd love to chat once in a while. I live in NE. Robin

  9. Hi Sarah, I emailed you at but it was returned to me. I'd love to chat once in a while :) My address is My name in Robin and I live in NE.

    Your girls are beautiful!