Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last Christmas Celebration This Season!

When people wondered (out loud) if us adopting another child with special needs would take away from the other two girls.....this is all I have to say :) Clearly it has already enriched their lives! Zoya has really been amazing with Sofia! 

Aren't these desks cool? I can have school with the little girls while Zoya is at school :) Thanks Uncle Bub! 

Sofia causing trouble while Mila tries to focus....
Miss Zoya, the teacher, tries her hand at behavior management...

"Wow, what a harsh teacher!  I'm so ashamed I got caught acting up!"

Zoya insisted on sitting in the chair! 

Two good students! 

I think you can probably hear her just from looking at this picture ;) 

Look, Mom!

She is crazy! 

Zoya helping Bub open his present

Zoya showing Sofia how to open presents :) 

It's a wedding cake! 

Big sister Zoya trying to take over Mila's present! 

Llama Llama books!!!
She loves these books! 

Zoya being a mama! 

Look at that belly! Mila is weighing in at 26 pounds, 10 ounces (at 22 months old!!!!)

Hi Mila! 

Learning fractions ;) 

"I can't believe she would try to blow my nose, doesn't she know how much I hate that????!!!!"

I posted this picture on the other blog, but it just cracks me up so much I had to post again! 

Our organized chaos! 

Playing music with Aunt Corrine

Love Mila's cheese face here while Sofia is getting into all kinds of trouble! 

Reuinted with Uncle Bub. At first she seemed a little hesitant but it didn't take long for her to remember him! 

Two of my babies! I love how they watch me love on the other one and when I catch of peak of them watching me they're always smiling huge! 

Chef Zoya!

Zoya's chef outfit...she looks so cute :) 

Aunt Corrine and Uncle Bub with the girls (all smiling!)


  1. Oh goodness that all looks like so much fun, I want to come play too.


  2. I can totally relate to the madness of a child that gets into everything! My little one just turned 9 months and unlike her 3 year old sister Im pretty sure I will have to bolt down all of my furniture! I never had to worry with her older sister... not even a baby gate she never caused problems but this one....... oh its a different story. Today she decided to pull over the night stand trying to climb it... I was gone for 5 seconds! My friend called her Tank.... I said that was not ok just in case it stuck.... but to have 2 at the same age. I bet Sophia gets Mila to be a little more daring!

  3. Great pics!!! I love the ones of the girls "at school" in their desks! The serious one, the class clown, Zoya being the perfect teacher! Precious!! It is so awesome how Sofia just seemed to transition in without any hesitation. What a blessing!! And what a gift to have Corrine and Bub to share your girls' love! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  4. Your girls are absolutely precious, gorgeous, cute, joyous, and so many other words that would be a book to write! I love seeing them grow and am astounded at how much they all look alike and have adjusted so well to the family.

  5. These pics crack me up! I'm the youngest of three girls and my mom always told me if I had been first, I would have been an only child!!! Hahaha. I can see that in Sofia!! She is a little firecracker! But so adorable. :) I know y'all are insanely blessed by these sweet girls! There is something about sisters! They are still my very best friends and we are all grown and married!

  6. Where did you ever get 3 girls who are so much alike. They are beautiful and I'd give anything to see them and give them hugs. They fit in with each other so well. They have a great sense of humor and are full of so much love. What a great life each of them will have. You are a lucky mommy and daddy and the girls are 3 very lucky sisters. May God richly bless all of you.
    Dottie from Texas

  7. What a celebration! The girls are so loved by so many, that must warm your hearts.

    Just look at them and those incredible smiles and how far they have individually come. Amazing God!