Monday, February 4, 2013

Sister Love

We are a month into the adjustment phase of Zoya and Mila having a new sister (and Sofia having 2 new sisters). It's gone pretty well! Zoya has barely flinched at having another new sister (no crazy demon-like behaviors that we saw when Mila came home) and Mila has taken it in stride. Mila had about 3 days where she was very upset and sensitive and just looked at me like, "Are you serious? Why is she still here??"
This picture is proof of that HA!

Now these two are little copy cats! What one does, the other does. They constantly want the toy that the other one has and would rather have the other one's binky too! So silly! Mila is teaching Sofia so much (Sofia has learned all the signs Mila knows just by watching her and watching when she uses them!) I just love how Sofia is learning "natural" things, such as how to snuggle and be comforted, just by watching our interactions with Mila. It is the most precious thing ever and clearly just what Sofia needs! God is one smart guy, ya know, he had this whole thing all figured out ;) Sofia is also motivating Mila in the gross motor area :) We've already been asked several times if they're twins. It's kind of funny because I say "No." And then they ask how old they are and when I say "She is 6 months older/younger than her" they just look at me with wide eyes wondering how the heck that happened haha. Here are some more pictures of these two sweet sisters:

Zoya has been fabulous! She treats Sofia like she's always been here, which is both good and bad HAHA. She is still excited to have someone "new" here and is constantly giving her kisses and hugs (a little too rough sometimes though-her intentions are usually good). She learned quickly that Sofia WILL scream LOUDLY if she takes one of her toys. With Mila, Zoya used to be able to take her toy and replace it with another one (stinker) and Mila wouldn't mind....with Sofia, that is not the case...and even with Mila now it doesn't make her too happy either. So if I'm in the other room and I hear one of the babies screaming, I can usually find Zoya running, diving onto the floor far away and covering her ears because she knows she is busted! HA! But for the most part, she is the most awesome big sister! She is so kind and always bringing Sofia toys and trying to play with her! She got very excited the couple of times I brought Sofia to school to pick her up! Zoya is funny because she can't always tell Mila and Sofia apart from behind and their noises/babbling sounds a lot a like. So she has been known to walk up to Mila for example and yell "Sofia!!!" and then look confused and say "Oh Mila, Hi Mila!" It's cute and pretty funny!

All 3 Sisters! I need to get more of all 3 of them but usually I'm right there on the floor with them and don't think to grab the camera!

Never did I imagine I'd have 3 girls so close in age, but they are such a blessing!!


  1. Mila and Sofia do look a lot alike! I can't get over how much Zoya has grown the last few months! Her little legs are getting so long.

  2. What awesome the bond between the 3 sisters! They clearly love each other--although I had to crack up at the look Mila gave Sofia in that earlier photo lol! Sweet Zoya is getting sooo big--and she looks adorable in those jeans--growing like a weed she is! Adorable little sweethearts--you are indeed blessed! Lori

  3. Beautiful girls! Such a blessing. I have a quick question. Are you a SAHM? I've been visiting the RR site for over a year now and reading adoption blogs intently...and I notice that everyone I read about is a SAHM. Is it possible to pursue special needs adoption and be a working mom? Do you know anyone who is and has?


  4. I wish there was a "like" button! I adored this post. Your girls are so.darn.cute I can't even handle it. Mila and Sofia DO look like twins -- I love the way they look at each other and mirror each others' facial expressions! Zoya seems like the most precious big sister. What a beautiful family!

  5. Such cuties!! Love to see pics of them interacting with each other. Oh Mama, do you ever have your hands full!!! But with so much sweetness, I'm sure even the hard days are quickly forgotten! I just want to jump in and play too! Three precious little ladies with so much future ahead of them. Thank you for giving them that chance!!!! ((((BIG HUGS))))!!!!

  6. They are just so beautiful. I tell everyone I know to read your blog. What a wonderful family you have!

  7. Sweet girls!! Caroline has the monkey outfit Mila is wearing! It's one of my favorites. :)

  8. Your girls are so remarkable! I love reading your posts.

    Lindsey (Sacramento)