Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas: Part 2

Don't judge, I know it's 2 weeks after Christmas, but better late than never :) Here's part 2 of our Christmas pictures! 

We got to celebrate Christmas evening with Papa and Gigi (and Uncle Bub too). It was nice spending time together! The girls got to open more gifts (can you say spoiled??) and I cooked a ham dinner for everyone. 

All Zoya could talk about this year (besides Elmo) was Pete the Cat. They read these books at school and she was so excited to get them! She nearly has one of them memorized! 

The girls each got a blanket with a Disney character and their name. Mila got Minnie, Zoya got Doc, and Sofia got Sofia the First :) 

Mila is our book worm! She can often be found in the book corner in the playroom reading books quietly for long periods of time :) 

Zoya was a little hesitant of Sofia's Peek-a-boo bear at first, but with gentle encouragement throughout the morning and that night she learned to love it :) She's overcoming her fear of singing animals little by little :)

Sofia the First princess shirt for our Sofia! 

She clearly LOVED her blanket!

And she got a Sofia the First book :) She looks so worn out here, haha!

I remembered a couple years ago I took pics with the girls and their stockings. I forgot last year, but remembered this year! My how they've grown!

Just for fun, look how little Mila was 2 years ago! She would have FIT in that stocking! 

And Zoya from 2 years ago. Where does the time go?!

Grand Central Station :) 

Mila making faces at herself.....AGAIN :)

Dinner Time! 

 More faces! 

Not entirely sure what's happening here :) Zoya was opening an awesome gift from Papa and Gigi! It was pieces to build a swingset for the girls!!! The best part is Papa is building it (you know when we thaw out here sometime in the spring!)!! 

Not terrible, 2 out of 3 looking and smiling :) Papa and Gigi with the girls! 

And one more unsuccessful attempt at a photo shoot with Uncle Bub! The good news is the our gift to him this year was PHOTOSHOP!!! :) I am waiting to see his far the only picture he sent me was a picture of his body and bald head with Sofia's face photoshopped on there instead of his. It made me laugh so hard! 

Uncle Bub will always be Sofia's first babysitter :) He so willingly babysat her in the apartment in Ukraine while I ran around and did crazy paperwork! 

Part 3 (and final part) coming soon, along with some pictures of our special New Year's guests! 


  1. Looks like an absolutely JOYFUL Christmas celebration! LOVE the red boa!

  2. Great photos as always--love the one of the girls with their grandparents! As you said, two out of three smiling isn't bad lol! And by the way, you have a beautiful home, Sarah! Love that living room photo--looks so cozy and welcoming!

  3. With all that you do I am surprised you are getting these posts done before NEXT Christmas!!! What a beautiful family....all of you together giving the girls and each other so much love and so many great memories! I did a double take at the pics of Mila with her stockings....she was SUCH a peanut!!! What a beautiful redemption! I cracked up at the "Grand Central Station" pic....with Maya front and center! She's truly a special dog! LOL! Thanks again for sharing all of these pics with us, your fans! Looking forward to Part 3.....whenever......LOL! (((HUGS)))!!