Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post! To say thanks a bunch, here are some pictures of the girls "painting." In hindsight, I should have done this closer to the bathtub (or at least on the same floor of the house) or done it when Shawn was home :) It was humorous trying to get them all to the bathtub without getting paint on the carpet/walls/furniture/stairs, etc. They had a blast though! 

I bet you can't tell who took on the role of certified paint taste-tester! 

We colored a bit before I broke out the paint.

Sofia was really into the painting. She was so very gentle and delicate and quiet and focused, which is not typically her demeanor :) Maybe she's a crazy artist and she's been misunderstood this whole time!!! Aren't most crazy artists just misunderstood? :) 

Why did Mama spend 10 minutes taping paper to the table when all I really wanted to paint was my hand?

Best pouty face award goes to..............Mila! (She was mad I turned on the radio to listen to some inspirational christian music instead of Barney.....I told her to suck it up and take one for the team because I couldn't listen to Barney singing one more time!)

She actually got more on the paper than her belly! 

And this one? Well I should have stripped her down to her diaper too! 

Look mom! My masterpiece, isn't it lovely? :)

And now we will wait another month before Mama gets brave enough to pull out the paint again :) 


  1. You are doing better than me ! My girls got fingerpaints for Christmas and I haven't even considered using them☺

  2. Brave soul letting them paint! Love the pics and those smiles!!

  3. Totally laughing at Mila and the Barney episode. That SO sounds like Dariya. She gets ticked if I turn on Klove or anything besides her favorite CD's.
    Your painted girls look a lot like mine when we do painting. I always do it when Jason isn't home LOL he would cringe at the mess.