Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Mila Part 2

More birthday fun! I had to do so many collages because I couldn't pick my favorite pictures from the many that we took! Mila had a blast on her birthday and she sure knows she's loved! 

Homemade Birthday Pancakes....Mila's favorite! 

There's no other place Mila would have rather spent her birthday than at the dance studio with Miss Erica! We went to a class and then stayed for a little lunch party for Mila! 

As you can see, she had the time of her life! You'd think the girl was in Disney World! 

I realize it's been a while since I did a Mila update, and now that she's 3 and all it seems like she grew up overnight!!! A Mila update is in the works! 

One more little birthday treat :) 
Dear Mila, 
On your 3rd birthday I can't help but remember the moment we locked eyes for the first time. It wasn't on the day you were born, but today we celebrate your tragically beautiful entrance into the world! As I watch you throw your arms up in celebration over and over and over again today I can't help but be reminded that those arms didn't always know a life of love and celebration. I can't help but hold you tighter today and praise the Lord that He redeemed your life and now you KNOW love. From frail, stiff arms that told me you had no idea how to be held or loved or celebrated, to healthy, chubby arms that hug freely, that reach heavenward shouting, "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL." Happy Birthday beautiful Mila girl!

Love, Mama

P.S. You'll Always Be My Baby! 


  1. Sarah, your writing is always so eloquent and tender--gets me in the heart every time lol! Mila is so beautiful, such a precious precious girl! Looking at the pic of you cradling her, feeding her a bottle it is so sad that she did not know even how to be held and loved. I can see the pain in your face in that photo...realizing how much she missed out on. So thankful to the Lord that He led you guys to her! She truly is right where she belongs forever!!

  2. I can hear the laughter in that dance studio!! What a beautiful redemption of a precious little life! So glad that Mila has joyful birthday memories now to carry through life!! (((HUGS)))!!!