Monday, March 24, 2014

Sesame Street Live!

 We took the girls to see Sesame Street Live! A wonderful friend of ours (who used to be IN the show!!) arranged for the girls to be able to meet some of the characters before the show! You would have thought they were in heaven!!! It was such an amazing opportunity and we are so grateful! Zoya had the shock factor going on for quite some time...she looked as if she was thinking, "You've GOT to be kidding me, I've waited my WHOLE LIFE to meet these guys!" Mila preferred to visit from the safety of our arms (and try to poke Rosita's eyes), and Sofia-well she shocked us all by LOVING the characters and going right to them. We had to pry her out of their arms when it was time for the characters to get ready for the show!!!! 

Pre-Show pictures :) All 3 of these shirts were Zoya's at one point :) Zoya and Mila are about in the same size shirt these days ;) 

Uncle Bub (yes he rocks!!!) made the drive again to keep our successful 1-1 ratio going :) 

The first character they met was Rosita!! She was Zoya's favorite...and Mila's (if she had to pick a favorite to save her life anyways LOL)

Elmo and Cookie Monster!!!! Zoya just stood and stared at Elmo for quite a while! 

And Sofia fell in love with Cookie Monster...she only had eyes for him! She seriously could have snuggled him all day long if we let her!!!! Something about feeling safe in the arms of a big blue furry monster!!! We were shocked with how well Sofia did with the characters because she is usually VERY HESITANT around people other than Shawn and I!!! I think with her sensory seeking tendencies, Cookie Monster was the perfect sensory input for her! I asked our occupational therapist if she could come to the next session dressed as cookie monster but she didn't take me up on that! 

Zoya and Cookie! 

Buddy Check! 

Zoya had the time of her life, bustin' a move! 

Mila was really into the show! 

And Sofia pretty much did not move from this position or gaze! She was mesmerized! 


  1. Sarah, I'd be hard pressed to pick a "favorite post" out of all your wonderful posts over the years--but this one is definitely up there! The JOY on your beautiful girls faces is priceless (and yeah, Uncle Bub rocks and, if he so chooses will one day make an awesome daddy). I don't even know you guys personally but even I am shocked at Sofia mingling with the characters! WAY TO GO, SOFIA!! Love the photos of her with Cookie Monster. The girls look like they had the time of their lives. You guys are such wonderful parents for so very many reasons! God Bless!

  2. So fun! The pics of Sofia with Cookie Monster are so sweet!

  3. I'm jealous. What an experience for you all. Love it!

  4. What's better than a water park with Uncle Bub??? Sesame Street Live!!! He is one lucky dude!! LOL! I love this post....the girl's are really blossoming as evidenced by their love of this experience!!

  5. Hello Sarah and Shawn, I must agree with Lori this is one of my favorite posts. Would Sofia like a stuffed Cookie Monster animal to cuddle, if so I would love to get one for her. The weekend at the water park and Sesame Street live certainly show how far the girls have come. They certainly have wonderful parents and an awesome uncle.

  6. I want to marry Uncle Bub!!!!! Just sayin'.....