Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Part 2

The girls opened a special Easter package from Papa and Gigi!

Sofia thought this mask was hilarious! So did we!! 

Zoya's favorite....the zebra! 

Mila humored us for a photo but wasn't too thrilled with her mask! LOL! 

"Wasn't me!!!" 

We colored eggs Saturday night. Unfortunately Sofia had the biggest tantrum of her life (probably because she decided to give up naps) and was asleep by 6:30pm, so she missed the egg coloring fun. It was more like "color science experiments" anyways LOL! 

Tickle Break! 

She wondered how her name got on the egg when it came out of the dye....Magic Egg! 

This girl needed several laugh breaks! 

She was so intrigued watching the different colors drop on the plate. She loved calling out the name of each color! 

This cutie pie was pretty focused on the egg coloring this year! She really enjoyed it! 

We worked on some fine motor strengthening with the leftover egg dye (but don't tell Zoya)! 

Mila was pointing to the colors with her feet when asked....such an exciting talent here! LOL! 

Such a determined little face! 

So proud of her finished product! 

Zoya was figuring out which basket was hers! 

Bandaids and Tangled....happy girl! 

A new Children's Bible! 

I know, what kind of cruel Easter Bunny leave a Dentist book?? :) She has an upcoming dentist appointment and was in need of a new copy of this book to prepare ;) 

Mila is singing "cat." She spotted the "Pete the Cat" Easter book in her basket! 

She was pretty excited! 

Checking out her Minnie Mouse stickers! 

Reading Pete the Cat! 

Sofia got some new paint brushes and paints! 

"Wow, all for ME?"

Reading her new alphabet picture book! 

Happy Sofia! 

We visited Grandma and Grandpa B. on Easter! They had an egg hunt for the kids. 


Grandma and Grandpa B!

The girls did another easter egg hunt the day before Easter but I'll have to put those in a separate post since these ones took so long to upload!! 


  1. Such cuties!!! We used to drop the food coloring or egg dye on squares of cut up bed sheets. They made beautiful rainbow pics! Then we mounted them on colored paper frames and then framed the whole thing. Awesome memories of little ones' early days! Grandma & Grandpa B are sure blessed by all those sweet little bunnies!! Happy Easter - He is risen!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!

  2. Sweet girls looked like they had a great day! Glad you all enjoyed it!