Monday, April 28, 2014

Random Picture Post!

The "Pete the Cat" series of books is worth more than gold in this house!!! I have to read all the Pete books every day, multiple times a day. I don't mind though, because I get lots of snuggles :) 

Mila knows the books by heart and fills in words when I pause! 

Taking a smooch break :) 

I love that Mila kisses with her tongue out...I hope she never kisses the "right" way, these ones are priceless...but poor Sofia here HAHA! Sofia DID take her binky out to receive the kiss though :) 

Oh Mila and those legs! 

Sofia snuggles! 

Uncle Mike and Aunt Carol went away and brought back this shirt for Mila! The story goes like this....

The first time Uncle Mike babysat Mila I told him if she gets upset just to sing to her. I told him that "Jesus Loves Me" was her favorite. He said he didn't know the words to that one so well, so instead he started singing her "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffet. It quickly became her new favorite song so every time Uncle Mike sees Mila, he sings her the song and she absolutely loves it! It's their little "thing." :) Thus, the shirt! Clearly she loves it, right??? 

Zoya loves listening to music on the iPod! 

We moved this chair from Mila's room into the living room. I used it to rock all three of the girls when they were younger....Sofia loves it and it sure has a lot of memories for me :)

This child is W.I.L.D. and exhausts me beyond belief nearly every single day! Good thing I love her  so much!!!!!!! ;)

Oh Zoya girl! I can't believe she will be SIX YEARS OLD in just over a month!! :( 

The 2 little ladies love "pillow diving." Now that Mila is more confident with her gross motor skills, she absolutely can't get enough of this game! 

Pure joy!!!! 

She throws her head back, closes her eyes and squeals right before she dives! 

And this picture cracks me optical illusion that makes her look like she has no legs and is floating! 

Sofia INSISTS on pulling her pant legs up, usually above her knee....This started a few weeks ago and I can't figure it out for the life of me! She can't stand having her pants the "right" way anymore! Probably a sensory issue! I look at this picture and I can HEAR her through the picture :)

Zoya really loves playing with her babies and changing them, dressing them, undressing them, and repeat! She is so gentle and sweet with her baby dolls, I just love watching her! Lately I've been finding baby dolls and animals all around the house covered with blankets "asleep." After she's in bed for the night I almost always find at least one doll "sleeping" somewhere and it always makes me smile! 

These two were REALLY quiet so I went to check on them and found this! Sofia is "sleeping" on the trampoline, Zoya covered her up and is reading her a story!!!! <3 p="">

Zoya is in a Montessori class and one of the ideas behind this method is to follow the child's learning...don't push teaching of things they're not yet interested in and just follow them and take cues from them. I think this is the best thing I've learned from the Montessori method. We hadn't pushed Zoya writing much, but worked on fine motor strengthening in so many other ways. We did teach her to write her name for functional reasons, but beyond that she wasn't too interested in writing until recently. A couple weeks ago she got out her beloved Magna Doodle and wrote her teacher's name, brought it to me and said LOOK MOM! (and she said her teacher's name). I couldn't believe it! When I asked her teacher she said they'd been working on writing Zoya's full name and the teacher's name and clearly she was ready to roll with the whole writing thing! Since then every day she has wanted to write letters and words and asks me to help her! She can do all the letters with straight lines and some with curved lines. She asks me how to write lots of things and if I spell them for her she can write so many words!!! I had a "teacher idea" and set up this little "writing workshop" for her. She loved it! It's hard to see, but I wrote each name on an index card and put it next to each family member's picture. Then on the cards to the right she wrote the names. 

She did all the names/letters except for "S" for Sofia. I was amazed by her motivation and desire to WRITE! 

Oh these two girls....I'm thinking preschool can wait another year ;) 


  1. They have all grown up so much. 6!! where has the time gone? In a blink of an eye I tell you!

    Looking forward to all the future stories of these three. :) XOXO

  2. Adorable photos as always. Way to go, Zoya on your writing! What a smart girl and getting so big!

  3. Don't forget the Mila update.

  4. Oh MY the girls are getting so BIG! They are precious! I love getting to see how they are growing so fast like beautiful flowers with the perfect parents for them!