Monday, June 2, 2014


This little Bee spent her last day as a FIVE YEAR OLD today! Tomorrow she turns SIX! I can't even begin to believe this!!! She is so very excited about her birthday and keeps saying "SIX YEARS OLD!!!!!!!"
This picture captures the essence of my Zoya girl! 

Here's a little interview with Zoya about turning SIX YEARS OLD! 
I have her trying to guess what her gift far she's guessed cake, a card from Gramma Liz, and a "big boat...." Yah wouldn't that be nice??? 

Shawn tried convincing me that Zoya asked for one of these for her birthday:

Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa Bee came to visit to kick off Zoya's birthday celebration!

She is in love with her new hat and....

 her REAL LIFE blood pressure cuff!!!! HA! Seriously this girl REAAAAALLLLLY wanted a real one. 

When Grandma Bee asked what she wanted I told her she REALLY wanted this...but I understood if she didn't think a blood pressure cuff was a fun birthday gift! Zoya, however, thinks it's the most fun gift ever! 

The only girl I know who can pull off a backwards hat with a beautiful dress! 

Of course Sofia and Mila got some consolation birthday gifts as well....Sofia likes her hat! 

 We had this stupid great idea to go out to eat for lunch with all 3 girls :)....It wasn't THAT bad ;)

Mila was the life of the table with her silly antics! 

I didn't get a picture of Zoya's face when we were singing to her, but it was priceless! 

Home for double tickle time! 

 Sofia mid-sneeze

Isn't that just all kinds of gross cute?

Sofia and Grandpa Bee

Staring contest....

We always attempt group shots but almost never get a good one, oh well! If you're wondering who the 4th Little Bee is, that would be the ginormous freaky baby who has lived here for 4 years now! 

Mila trying to make her get-away!

Ahh well THIS one is cute at least!! :)

Goodnight my 5 year old, tomorrow you'll be SIX YEARS OLD! 

Our prayers for you, sweet Zoya girl, are that this year would be your best yet. That you'd keep letting your light shine so bright, freely give your amazing love to others, and that you'd find peace in the deepest crevices of your soul! You are the light of our lives! 


  1. The best, most fun gift my parents ever bought my littlest was a pulse-ox measuring thing -- the "toe laser". Katie adored it and wore it to bed for years!

    So I totally get why Zoya girlie wanted the BP cuff!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET ZOYA!! She just cracks me up on that video when she asked you so politely "May I have a look, please?" As if she's thinking "Maybe she'll fall for it THIS time!" Oh well, Zoya, it was a good try, lol! They are growing up so fast! Thanks for sharing!

  3. HAPPY HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS ZOYA!!!! I LOVE the little video clip..."May I have a look please?" Oh my gosh, is she just the most awesome little lady!?!?!?!? And she suddenly looks so grown up, especially in her beautiful dress and new hat! ((((BIG BIRTHDAY HUGS)))!!!

  4. Bee Lated Happy Birthday 6 year old!

  5. I LOVE Zoya's video!!! The "May I have a look please?" was totally amazing! Not only is she amazing but she is polite while she makes this special request:) Totally love your family.....<3

    Susan from Boston