Monday, June 23, 2014

Come Sail Away!

Shawn and I volunteered for this sailing program for years and now our girls are taking part! I posted about the sailing program before HERE and HERE.  Go look at the cute pictures! :) It was so fun to watch Zoya and Mila sail! They each got to sail for 30 minutes with the great Uncle Mike! Sofia stuck close to me and got to go for a pontoon boat ride...maybe next year she'll be ready to leave Mama and go sailing too! I couldn't get over how calm and chill Mila was in the sail boat! The very first time she was ever in a kayak she absolutely loved it, but I wasn't sure if her 3-year-old strong opinions would allow her to enjoy sailing....she proved me wrong! When her turn was over she signed "more" and "again!" Sister loved it! And as for Zoya....she thoroughly enjoyed herself....we only lost one shoe and one pair of sunglasses into the all in all, a great first sailing session!  

Mila's turn to sail and Zoya's turn to drive the pontoon boat!!! 

Mila's turn to sail! 

This one makes me giggle! 

For much of Mila's turn all I could see was the top of her head and her little hand holding on! 

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  1. Looks like SO much fun!! It's so cool that the Bees get to experience this - as well as the other children who participate.Great program!! (((HUGS))) P.S. I did go back to look at the "Little Zoya" pictures! Hard to believe she was ever that little!!! So cute!