Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Kitten Stuck in the Tree

I'm not a cat person, not even one little bit (I'm REALLY allergic). I heard this sad cat cry one evening while I was outside playing with the girls. I couldn't investigate at the time due to my Mama duties with my 3 wild ladies, so I didn't think much of it. The next morning I went to leave for an appointment with Zoya and I heard the cat in the same place. I yelled to Shawn to check it out and he said there was a black kitten in the tree. He was unable to get the kitten out and had to leave for work. Later when the two littles were napping, Zoya and I went out to investigate. When I saw this adorable kitten and saw Zoya's concern, I was a gonner! 

You can see Zoya's concern here:

Uncle Mike to the rescue! Once a fire fighter, always a fire fighter.  He risked a bees nest and climbed a huge pine tree to get the kitten down. Then he spent 30 minutes trying to coax the cat out from under the tree! Zoya was thrilled. We named him Pete the Cat and found a Mama for him! 

Mike thought a good name would be "Pete" as in Pete the Cat since our girls love those books so much!

If I wasn't deathly allergic to cats, this kitten would have stayed right here because Zoya was just so sweet with it! She didn't want the kitten to go, so I explained to her that Uncle Mike was taking the cat to it's Mama and she seemed content with that answer. (It's true by the way, we had someone lined up to be this kitten's Mama!)

I had to laugh because without realizing, this is the box I taped up to use for the cat! It was a box from the move that Shawn labeled! HAHA! Good rule, do NOT crush the cat! 

I always ask Zoya what her favorite part of the day was, and this day, she said, "Cat in tree. Mike get it." Yah that was pretty cool, huh? 

I'm happy to report Pete the Cat is doing well at his new home! 

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  1. Sweet Zoya has so much empathy for a little girl--esp. given what she's been through before her mama and daddy found her! I'm glad kitty "Pete" has a new home! Also, LOVE the post below on precious Sofia--commented on it but don't think it went through lol. Sofia is doing so well--and I love her variety of expressions lol.