Saturday, August 9, 2014

Long Overdue Post: Sesame Place Trip! (Part 1)

In June we took a little vacation to Sesame Place. It was about a 6 hour drive, which was the longest we had attempted yet and the girls did great! All of them loved Sesame Place, were extremely well behaved and happy and it was just tons of fun!!! I think the Lord was showing us grace by giving us such a happy family time together! 

C'mon you know you pick your nose in the car too.....
Mila was trying to pass the time in the car. 
It was about a 6 hour drive-the furthest we've ever driven with all 3! 


Zoya listening to the iPod

The tunnels we went through were cool! Sofia was scared, Zoya and Mila thought they were cool! 

Silly girls! 

Yay for car naps! 

We set up our pop up tent in the parking lot to give the girls a break and eat some lunch half way through the ride! 

They loved exploring the hotel room! 

Elmo's HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as Zoya says!)

Can you see whose prints these are? She got down to hug Elmo's square! 

Cracks me up! 

Sofia's first ride! 

Of course she loved it :) 


Mila like this one the first time with Mama but cried the second time-probably because Mama was in a different teacup that time around :)

They loved watching the shows! 

These are the last pictures of Sofia with her binky....she's graduated from the binky now! 

Hi Mila! 

Zoya couldn't WAIT to run up to the stage after the show! 

Playing pat-a-cake with Zoe (every time she saw her!

This is my favorite picture from the trip! Zoya couldn't have been any happier! 

Big Bird!! 

Mila wasn't so sure! :) 


Zoya really loved The Count.


Sofia watched Zoya visit with the characters and after a few stops, she was jumping right in too! 

Part 2 to come :)