Sunday, December 20, 2009

Which Would You Choose?

Which would you choose to receive?


Most of you would probably choose to receive the rose.  Afterall, its a sign of beauty and love.  Roses are viewed as one of nature's perfect creations.  Roses are popular.  They smell good.  They come in all sorts of beautiful, vibrant colors.  Everyone is happy to receive a rose. 

Most of us wouldn't choose the four-leaf clover when given a choice between it and the rose.  Most people overlook the uniqueness of the four-leaf clover.  The leaves represent faith, hope, love, and luck.  According to tradition, four leaf clovers bring good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally. One in every 10,000 clovers is a four-leaf clover; they are very rare, yet we wouldn't choose to receive one because it's not as beautiful on the outside as a rose. 

Zoya is our four-leaf clover.  We have chosen to pass up the common rose because we stumbled upon a four-leaf clover and realized its worth, beauty, and uniqueness.  We have come to appreciate how lucky we are to have found such a rare four-leaf clover on this journey of life.  We have happily given up the idea of a rose's outside picture of beauty in order to receive something far greater.  Our four-leaf clover may not look like this world's idea of beauty.  She has slanted eyes, chubby fingers, a flatened nasal bridge, and a heart defect.  She will not bloom as quickly as all the roses in the world. Because she isn't a rose, many people will pass her and her uniqe gifts by and never even know it.  They will not seek her out, but when they stumble upon her, they will realize just how beautiful she is. 

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  1. So beautifully said. I've often thanked God for meeting His expectations instead of ours in giving us Jessie. We would never have known to ask for a child with Down syndrome...and would have missed an incredible blessing.