Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aunt Jen Jen's Pictures :)

We are so thankful for Aunt Jen Jen and Xavier who moved into our house and took fabulous care of Zoya while we were gone for THREE weeks! And also to Grandma and Grandpa B for doing some weekend duties! Jen knew our hearts needed to see pictures of our sweet girl daily and see how happy she was. She posted updates on facebook almost daily and it was so nice to get a peak into what our girl was up to! Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Zoya was a ballerina for her school halloween party

Isn't she just a beautiful ballerina?

Having more fun than everyone else because that's the way we do it!

Sweet girl in the halloween parade...

With big brother X :)

Getting ready for Zoo-Boo with Mario

Cute kitty cat and Mario

Zoya and her pumpkins before pumpkin time

Painting her white pumpkin (good idea Aunt Jen Jen!)

EEEWWW guts! Jen said she actually liked it, I guess this picture just shows her Ukrainian Babushka face she likes to make now and again! LOL

Sweet jammied babes!! Xavier is such a good friend to Zoya and takes such good care of her!

I had a couple pictures of Zoya and Grandma and Grandpa but they were so blurry because Zoya was running circles around them but they are burried in my horrendous email somewhere. :) But I hear Zoya had a fabulous time being spoiled rotten by them!


  1. Love love love the pics! Jen totally rocks!

    Jen did a fabulous job, can we expect the same from Shawn while you're gone? :)

    What a little lovebug her and her big brother Xavier, the picture is priceless.

  2. Such cute pictures!!!


  3. I LOVED all the pictures she was posting :)

  4. What sweet photos--I'm so glad Zoya had such a wonderful time with her Aunt Jen-Jen and Xavier! Thank you for sharing the photos with us, your readers. Hope you are feeling better and continuing to pray that precious Zoya feels secure and content while her mama is away picking up lil sister. I'm SURE Zoya and her beloved Daddy will have a great time together!

  5. oh my girl has the same pj than Zoya :)
    cute cute girl

  6. I love love love Zoya's beautiful smile. She is such a cutie pie & her happiness shines through her pictures. I'm so happy for your family. You've been blessed with 2 of the cutest, sweetest & most precious babies.