Monday, November 28, 2011

Mila's First Thanksgiving! (and Zoya's Second)

What perfect timing to have Mila home just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for her. We are thankful we decided to trust through the pain and loss of Laina and continue on so we could understand that Mila was God's plan all along for our family.

We just hung out here (we are keeping Mila on quarantine until surgery as to minimize her risk of getting sick). Grandma and Grandpa P. came for a visit and even brought Thanksgiving dinner with them to cook for us! It was lovely!


  1. Your girls are precious! Glad you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Will be praying for Mila's upcoming surgery!

  2. Great pictures :) So happy Mila was home for Thanksgiving. I was just thinking about your comment about keeping Mila quarantined and wanted to remind you that if Zoya is at school with other kids she could bring something home to Mila...... I think most younger siblings get sick from the school kids :(
    With my daughter being on medication that compromise her immune system I am such a freak about who she is around..... If I even see a kid sneeze or runny nose we leave.. a little overkill but it's not worth a sick baby

  3. Love love love your sweet family!!Does Zoya ever stop smiling? What a beautiful spirit she has! Praising God for his love and grace in your lives. Basile family ROCKS!! :) (((HUGS)))

  4. Can't get over how much Mila has changed! And I just love how Zoya just smiles,smiles,smiles!! Sweet girls!
    Kim :-)

  5. Love the pictures, your new header is absolutely stunning. Your girls are absolutely beautiful!

  6. Glad to see the future Chef was overseeing the Thanksgiving dinner preparation!

    You three girls look gorgeous together!

    Zoya showing Grandpa how to master the iPad?

    Love the gobble gobble shirt!

    Yes indeed so much to be thankful for this year and years to come!

  7. I was wondering the same thing as "littlelola" above. I noticed in several more recent posts you had mentioned Zoya being sick. Are you guys pulling her from a school setting until after Mila's surgery to minimize germ exposure? Not trying to be nosy, I was just wondering. It seems like you do such great work with her at home that I doubt she'd fall too far behind ;)

  8. My grandaughter has the same Gobble Gobble shirt and britches. So cute!