Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ryan Update

I know many of you have been waiting for an update on Ryan. I'm just going to paraphrase his mama's words here. I'm closing comments for this difficult post and know you're all sending your well wishes even if you can't leave a comment!

At the care conference yesterday, Ryan's family, along with the staff of dotors, nurses, care givers, and pallative care collaborated to discuss this sweet boy. The staff made it clear to Ryan's family that there is nothing further they can do for Ryan. Anything they can do at this point would just prolong the inevitable and maybe even cause him more harm than good. They have made the excuciatingly difficult decision to make Ryan a DNR. That means they won't do chest compressions, use a vent, or do any further surgeries. His supportive care will be weened. He will come off of his medications, while staying on oxygen. They will provide comfort for him so that he is NEVER in any pain and he will be monitored very closely. No human can say for sure, but the best guess is that Ryan has weeks to two months left here on this earth. 

One of Ryan's mama's bucket list wishes is for people to allow their kiddos to eat banana splits for dinner! Something Ryan will never be able to do, yet something so simple and so fun that will bring joy and memories to your child and honor Ryan. If you want to participate, you can take a picture of your kiddos eating banana splits for dinner, and email them to me with your name and location. I will forward them on to her! (spbasile at gmail dot com). Hug your babies tight tonight! Tell those you love that you love them, and show them...tomorrow is not promised to any of us!