Monday, June 4, 2012

Zoya's 4th Birthday! (Pictures Part 1)

Zoya knows how to celebrate! We had a week long bash celebrating her 4th birthday! It started the weekend before with visits from Grandpa and Grandma Gigi and Uncle Bub, and then ended yesterday with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa B.

This is the first year Zoya REALLY understood that it was her birthday and it was SO FUN! She knew the day was all about her and she loved every second of it!

Excited to open her presents first thing in the morning!

The only thing she asked for was a baby and a baba! She was so excited for the babas!

A new pair of shoes!

Her favorite book....we had to get her a new one because the other one was so worn out!

More books!

This girl loves to read! Can you tell her mama is a teacher? LOL

She was "reading" saying "up up upstairs"

Burping her baby!

Look at that good mama! 

Feeding the crying baby

This was "the" book I picked out for Zoya's 4th birthday. I've gotten her one special book every year and written a little something in it that she can read when she is older! I love this book for teaching kids that even though everyone is different, we are all capable of doing great things!

"Jeesh Mom! How much tape did you use????"

Pushing her baby in the stroller!

If you're a loyal reader you'll know it isn't a party unless it's a "surprise" party! 

Zoya kept going behind the streamers, waiting for us to call her in, then cheering when everyone yelled "Surprise!" She sure makes life fun!

She is just as surprised EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! haha

I can't believe she's FOUR!

So excited to hear "Happy Birthday" song

Trying to blow out her candle

Clapping for herself when she blew it out!

Just so you're not worried about she is! She was suffering from an awful rash yesterday :( But she did enjoy her cake!

She loved her special gluten free birthday cake! 
More pictures to come!


  1. LOVE these! So sweet!

    And Giraffes Can't Dance is a FAVORITE at the Gibson house! Might 'steal' your birthday book sweet!

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!!! Sure do Love you TONS!!!!!

  3. I love that she is a reader too. We have books galore here that we read and reread all the time.

    Loving the zebra print streamers and of course love that she does enjoy a good "surprise" party. :) That will never get old as she grows up!

  4. Giraffes Can't Dance is one of my favorite books! Happy Birthday, Zoya!

  5. Happy 4th Birthday Zoya! You sure are a special little, I mean BIG, girl!!

  6. SURPRISE!!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! SWEET ZOYA!!!!! Love all those books you got, keep on reading big girl!! Your new baby is beautiful, just like you. Take good care of her, you have had the best Momma to teach you!!! (((BIG BIRTHDAY HUGS))) from RI!!!!

  7. felicidades Zoya! glad you had fun! :)