Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gearing Up for School!

Zoya will start her second year of preschool next week. She will be in a whole new program and classroom. We are very excited and hopeful about what Zoya will accomplish this year! She will be in a Montessori Classroom with 18 children from preschool through kindergarten age. Zoya will be eligible for one more year of preschool after this school year, or we could decide to send her to Kindergarten after this year (but I'm leaning toward keeping her in preschool longer just because it feels safer LOL).

We had Open House today and got to visit her classroom and meet her classmates. She did really great and had fun! I especially enjoyed the teacher's "no cupcake" speech :) I think she will be a fabulous fit for Zoya because she runs a tight ship and LOVES her job! She sees Zoya's potential already and values her for HER. It makes my heart so happy to know Zoya will be spending each morning with such a nurturing, caring teacher with high expectations who sees the value in each of her students! That combination is difficult to come by!

Here is our "little big girl" before leaving for Open House. She got almost 5 inches cut off her hair yesterday and I must say she looks so stinkin' adorable with her new do! She looks like such a big girl!!! Today as I watched Zoya in her classroom I was so thankful for this educational opportunity for her. I flashed back to our days visiting her at the orphanage and thought to myself how far she has come and how blessed we are to have access to such a great education for our sweet girl! I'll be praying for a super week for Zoya and her classmates as she embarks on this new journey on Monday!


  1. Her hair is adorable - makes her look so grown up! :)

    YAY for school! :)

  2. Good luck, beautiful, BIG girl!!! Love her - what a doll! I'm sure she'll do great, and I'm so glad she's got such a great teacher - that makes all the difference in the world. But also don't underestimate the amazing experience she could have in Kindergarten next year, too - we're all afraid of those bigger grades, new teachers, more kids, but sometimes they get so much more out of it. :-)

    1. Well seeing that she can stay in school until she is 21, I'd rather have the extra years in preschool :) If it works out with this classroom, she could stay in the same room for another year of preschool AND her first year of kindergarten, so if we keep her in preschool another year she'd get another full year in this fabulous room :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I am SO excited for her! My oldest two girls were in Montessori school and we LOVED it. I can not say enough wonderful things about it! She looks so grown up with her haircut! My how time flies :)

  4. The "no cupcake" policy is the best!!! Gotta love Mrs. L :) I adore her haircut, X loves it too!

  5. Congratulations Miss Zoya!!! You are a little star and I know that you are going to bring so much joy to your teacher and classmates!!! Have fun little one and show 'em what you've got!!! (((BIG BIG HUGS)))!!!

  6. I can only imagine how you guys must feel seeing her looking so grown up because even to your blog readers, WOW she is growing up before our very eyes! Congrats on yet another milestone beautiful Zoya--love the new 'do! She looks like she's got such a FUN personality--that smile of hers gets me every time lol!