Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Father's Day (A Little Late)

So I'm only about 2 months late with this post...but better late than never.

If you remember, for Shawn's first father's day, we got him a "Zoya tree." You can read about it HERE. Oh Zoya was so tiny and so was that tree!

Last year I didn't take a picture of Zoya and Shawn with the tree because it appeared to be dying :( It made me so sad I couldn't even stand to take a picture. At the end of last summer, we pruned the tree, cutting out the dead pieces and the tree has made a beautiful comeback! In many ways this is symbolic of Zoya's journey with us. We had to peel back the layers of hurt and neglect and orphanage life and slowly we are revealing a child who is bigger and better and more beautiful with each passing year! It is a flowering tree, but we have only seen tiny buds for the first time this past spring. Just like Zoya, the tree needs tender loving care and attention but with those things the buds will multiply and bloom one day soon! They may not have bloomed when all the other Eastern Redbud's were blooming, but just like Zoya, in their own time, they're blossoming! It brings tears to my eyes to look at this picture from two years ago and see the changes that have happened since then, both in the tree and in our beautiful Zoya girl!

So this year for father's day we just had to gift Shawn with a "Mila tree." (Now if we have any more children we will need a bigger yard). The tree we chose for Mila is a Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree. Just like Mila, when the tree blooms, others can't help but stand in awe and take notice of it's beautiful blossoms. The growth rate of its many weeping stems is quite fast. This reminds me a lot of Mila because Mila grew physically SO fast since coming home. The cherry tree, for many in Japan, symbolizes “the transience of life” because they bloom so quickly and it's only a matter of days before the flowers fall to the ground.  This tree reminds me of Mila because of this. It is a reminder that although all life is short and passes so quickly (just like the blossoms on the tree), one's life can inspire others with it's beauty while impacting those who are simply passing by. Our Mila girl has made such an impact on so many people. Just as the beautiful blossoms on the Japanese weeping cherry tree, Mila's spirit draws others in and those who meet her can't help but see the beauty and magnificence of her life! I will have to remember to take a picture with Mila and Daddy when the tree blooms!

If you notice, Mila is wearing the same dress Zoya wore in her first father's day tree picture :)


  1. What a beautiful metaphor the trees are for your girls' growth...and for all of us growing in our love for God! We have a Japanese weeping cherry in our yard as well and it is so beautiful in bloom!! Just like your sweeties!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  2. What a sweet post about a proud daddy and his girls--and a wonderful idea to make the trees a tradition for each child. Just hoping you guys don't decide to move anytime soon because you sure will have some digging and replanting to do--lol!

  3. In that last picture Mila looks like she is saying "Stand back woman, THIS man is mine!" Is she a Daddy's girl?