Monday, August 27, 2012

Zoya's First Day of School 2012

This is Zoya's second year of preschool! I can't even believe it. It was hard saying goodbye to her this morning even though I know she's in great hands. I just don't like being away from her!! Waaahhhh! Especially after we had all summer together! She woke up very excited and said "SCHOOL!" So many people are so ready for their kids to go back to school, and believe me there were a few days toward the end of summer where I thought that same thing, but today, I wish she could stay smaller longer and not have to go to school yet. But it is good for her, this mama heart just misses her! I know, it's only a few hours...and I'm counting down!

So blessed to love these two!

And she's OFF!

"What Mom? I have to wait for you?"

Really excited!

Silly girls!
Saying hello to her teacher!
Here's hoping for a good year!!!


  1. Hope she has a great first day! Your girls are so cute in their matching outfits!

  2. Oh the range of emotions this morning must have been thru the roof for you. I too know it is the best thing for them to experience new things but oh boy isn't it just the hardest ever???

    The girls look great in their matching outfits. So cute Zoya is with all her smiles and ready to go attitude!

    Oh my all those little ones with those backpacks that look just as big as they are.

    Wishing, hoping, praying that Zoya has a terrific first day!

  3. Can't wait to hear how Miss Zoya's first day went!! She looks so happy and ready to have a great time! Who could resist that smile?? Oh to keep them small a little longer!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  4. I love how Zoya just embraces life! The girls are absolutely adorable in their outfits! I know Zoya will have an awesome time at school--wishing her lots of fun and success! And wishing comfort for mama's heart lol!