Sunday, September 9, 2012

Waaah! My baby is not a baby anymore....

Okay so maybe I'm overreacting, but look at this picture:
Soooooo not a baby anymore :( She is adding one bottom front tooth to her collection of 4 molars and two almost-popped-through-but-taking-forever-i-teeth! 

Attempt #1 of a picture with Great Grandma!

And #2...clearly Mila is not cooperating here and Grandma is laughing because she is so wiggly!

And finally on attempt #3, sheesh Mila could you smile? HA!

Working on her cheese face (I will have to upload the video another time...she makes this face when the camera flashes and we say "CHEESE" haha)

More Cheese!
"Num Num Num, hands are good for teething"

Zoya and Mila with their cousin who is a total sweetheart with the girls! :) 
Can't forget Zoya with Great Grandma! So thankful for my Grandma!

This was the "past nap-time sillies"

Just reading up on some Toy Story! It helps if you keep your eyes OPEN, Zoya ;)
My loves!

Too cute!
Hard to have a bad day with that smile....

"You talkin' to ME?"

I love that they love each other so much! (Right after this picture Mila pulled Zoya's hair hard and Zoya just laughed!)

Zoya is signing to Mila :) Such a good big sister!

High-5's all around!


  1. SO adorable! Both of your little girls are growing so fast! Their expressions are priceless! Love the "cheese" face on Mila! The pics with Great Grandma are ones you will always treasure! You are blessed indeed!! Thanks for this picture extravaganza - you know we all love these!!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!!!!

  2. How precious! I can't believe how fast Mila is growing up! Hugs to you all from your PA neighbor.

  3. Am I crazy or does she look a lot like Zoya??

    1. I think so too :) Mila has much lighter hair and skin than Zoya but other than that they have a lot of similar features/characteristics! Funny because from our referral pic for Zoya we thought for sure she had red hair and green eyes and with Mila we really couldn't tell much from the small blurry photo we saw!!!

  4. So precious! Mila sure is growing like a weed--and some of her expressions are just priceless! Also loved the sleepy Zoya look in the "Toy Story" photo--I don't think I've ever seen her looking so wiped out lol! You are indeed blessed to have such sweet angel girls! Oh, Sarah I also wanted to let you know that my niece started a new babysitting job about 10 days ago. Nathan sounds like such a sweet kiddo. He has Down Syndrome as well and my niece doesn't have lots of experience babysitting outside of the family and NONE with children who have special needs. So I was a bit concerned but she is doing wonderfully--she thinks he's an awesome kid and was able to bring it to his parents attention when she was told someone was teasing him on the bus. My niece has always hated to see ANYONE picked on or treated disrespectfully. I just felt like I wanted to share it with you because your blog has taught me a LOT about children who may have special needs and what blessings they are!

    1. Thanks for sharing!!! Such good experience for her, what a sweet girl!! Can't wait to see how she will help people with special needs in the future!

  5. Your girls are too cute!! I was wondering what kind of camera you use for your pictures? they come out so consistently clear!

  6. Your girls are too precious! I first found out about your girls thanks to Aunt Jen and I've been hooked on your blog ever since! What kind of camera do you use? Your pictures always come out so consistently clear!