Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's a Girl!

So here is our news! Not pregnant, so to my friend who thought I looked pregnant....OOPS! ;) I won't mention any names! But you did just jump start my diet....haha kidding!

We are beyond excited!!!!!!! And ready to get our girl soon!

I will be blogging at for our adoption! We're thankful for your love and support!


  1. Congratulations! What a doll :)

  2. ha! Im glad i didnt went to sleep, so i could see your post! CONGRATS!wow i though you were pregnant, not because you looked but just a little tought hehe

    Zofia IS beautiful! she will fit perfectly into your beautiful family, cant wait to see how this adoption process goes and how she will blossom along with her sisters

  3. How old is she? Who is older her or Mila? She is so beautiful. I love her little wispies in the back of her hair. Oh my! What a blessing!

    Be blessed

  4. Just came back from checking out the
    rainbow! I am beyond excited for you and your daughters....all THREE of them!!!! She's a treasure for sure!! Will be following!!! (((HUGS)))!!!

  5. Another cutie!!! Congrats to your growing family!

  6. Congrats Basil family! She is gorgeous just like your other two dolls. So very precious!

  7. OMG!! That is such crazy great news! I am so excited (and I don't even know you, isn't that strange)! She is adorable:)
    What a beautiful, amazing family!

    Susan from Boston

  8. Congratulations! She is such a cutey. I love the curls.

  9. Hello, I have been following the story for you guys for a while and I simply magnificent, I'm from Brazil so excuse the mistakes lol!! good, I'm 17 years swear that since I speak eight years that I want to adopt a child with special needs, although I admired very small, and still want to have a little angel in my arms, parabens, Zoya, and Mila are now Zofia children blessed!By: Julia Gurkievicz ;]