Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 10 Months Home Mila Bean!

Well clearly, Mila is no longer a jelly bean in size, but the name definitely stuck :) I can hardly believe our sweet girl is the same child who was placed in our arms almost a year ago. I came across this video tonight and it had been some time since I last watched it. It still takes my breath away every time I watch it to see her so stiff and lifeless. But it also makes my heart happy to see her starting into my eyes and soul and knowing that from that day forward she never experienced another day without knowing love.

I remember being so worried about why she was so stiff and rigid, among other worries. I then learned this is a common posture for crib babies who have no idea really how to be held and snuggled. Mila was mostly kept in her crib because the staff thought that this was best for her since she was so sick. I wish so badly she didn't have to experience her first 7 months of life without us, but I trust that she came into our lives, and us into her, in the exact moment that we were meant to meet one another.

As much as it hurts to look back, it feels so good to know that God truly revived our beautiful daughter. He's not finished with her yet, either! 10 months later and I smile knowing where she came from, witnessing how far she has come, and looking forward to the beautiful future she has a head of her!


  1. Amazing! That baby girl has really done some serious growing in just 10 months! Have you sent any of these wonderful recent images to the director of that groupa she was in? What about the lady who was a caretaker who actually seemed to care? I bet seeing Mila now would amaze them and maybe even soften that directors heart some more.

  2. Happy 10 months home, sweet Mila! You are right where you belong--with your loving family and looking forward to all the milestones you will accomplish!