Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012!

 Minnie Mouse!
 And flower baby!

 She's already perfecting the art of bugging her sister :) 

 "Mom I feel kinda silly in this thing!"
 "Please pick me up!"
 "Oh this sun is lovely!"
 Smiling Girl!
 Trading her tickets for a treat! 
 Zoo Boo is so much fun :) 
 Seeing the awe and wonder and excitement on her face will never get old! 

 Even though I chopped off a quarter of her face, I love this pic! 
 Here is Zoya saying "Scary!" 
 Bustin' a move in the middle of the zoo...because....well, why not? 
 Zoya has been such a Daddy's girl lately <3 p="p">

 She found the music and the stage.....
 Poor baby only has one eye to see out of! 
 There, that's better! 
 "Mom, go ahead and take more pictures, I'm just going to make some silly faces to pass the time."
 More dancing....
 Oh how I love this sweet girl! 
Mila's turn! 
 Mama's girl :) 
 Minnie Mouse smiling pretty! 

This is the first year Zoya was excited and talking a lot about Halloween. It was so cool to see! She chose her own costume out of the three choices I gave her (Minnie Mouse, a cupcake, or a zebra-some of her favorite things!) These pictures are from the Halloween even our local Zoo puts on (I will have to upload the few I have of her from her school party). Hurricane Sandy got trick or treating cancelled and rescheduled over the weekend, but we opted out. I'm struggling with the idea of trick or treating for our girls....I don't want to be a grumpy old lady, but there's just something I don't like about showing them it's okay to go door to door asking people for candy LOL....plus they don't eat that much candy anyways and are both gluten free, so it'd go to waste! Most kids can differentiate that Halloween is different and that's the only time it's okay to go to people's doors and ask for candy.....but I worry about Zoya especially...she is over the top friendly with most people she meets and would walk into any stranger's house without thinking twice...so I don't want to do anything that would encourage a whole bunch of encounters where we're purposely talking to strangers asking them for things! Maybe it sounds silly but it's just my gut instinct! I think in the future we'll take them to houses where we know the people :) 

Happy Halloween!


  1. I think you are right with your gut instinct. Better safe than sorry!!

  2. They are too cute for words! And your mama instinct about trick-or-treating seems right on.

  3. Mama guts are never wrong!
    The girls look like they had a blast at the zoo. It is so good to see Zoya having so much fun with all the costumes around her!

  4. I never thought of it that way - but you are so right! I would definitely go with your instinct on that one.

  5. I somehow missed this when you posted it! The sweeties look adorable!! Love that the zoo had such a special event for the kids! We had a mama in our neighborhood whose little one had Celiac disease and a few days prior to Halloween she would come and give her closest neighbors "safe" treats for us to give her kids when they came. I think your instincts are very right on...why risk it! (((HUGS)))!!!

  6. Darling, DaRlInG, D*A*R*L*I*N*G!! And "Boo Zoo"!? What a cute idea and a very sweet name:) You are very smart to be cautious about Halloween. You are a very caring Mommy!

    Susan from Boston:)

  7. I'm thinkin a new abbreviation is in order specifically due to your sweet girls--A.O.L. is no longer America On Line but "Awwww Out Loud!" because that's what I do quite often on here lol! They are just too precious--love those costumes--can't even decide on a fave photo because they are ALL good--ty for sharing! Also, love that photo in the post above (another a.o.l moment lol) of Zoya and Mila snuggling.