Sunday, November 11, 2012

Warm November Day!

Today it was 72 degrees here! That is nearly unheard of for where we live in November! It was a beautiful day :) I think these are some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of the girls-especially the ones of them together!...not sure why they just make my heart so happy!!!

Love her scruncy-faced smiles :) 

Guess who learned how to jump? She LOVES practicing and is SOOOO animated! 

 Got some serious ups on this one ;)

 I LOVE that little tongue! 

One of my favorite ever Mila pictures :) 

 Practicing blowing raspberries...

Playing football with Daddy...
 Love the expression on her face here! 

 A girl and her dog....



Big girl in her beautiful glasses :) 


NO idea what this face is about but she makes me laugh! 

So thankful they have one another! 


Mila was clap-happy!

They are so alike, yet so different from each other! 

Mila never touches her OWN glasses but lately she's been grabbing everyone else's! 


  1. What a treat to wake up to this post this morning with so many beautiful captured moments!! They are all just precious! Their different facial expressions just crack me up! The last pic of Zoya is just stunning!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  2. LOVE the pictures of Zoya jumping! :)

  3. I'm usually pretty observant but I must've missed the post on Zoya getting glasses. (Or maybe you didn't post it and I'm NOT going crazy lol!) Zoya is beautiful (as always) in her new glasses!! Love the photos of the girls having fun in the great weather and the two of them together is adorable! Can't wait til "Curlie Girlie" makes three! ;)

  4. Both of the girls are looking so much older...I think they are very ready to be big sisters! I can't wait to see pictures of your newest young lady. Prayers for safe, uneventful travels filled with hugs.