Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter Catch Up

The Easter Bunny got a killer deal on this 3 seater wagon!!! Between the sale, his coupon, a gift card, and an uncle willing to pick up the wagon in Buffalo, that Easter Bunny nearly got the wagon for free! Mama was so happy because it's not easy to contain all 3 girls in one place! 
See her going right for Mickey first? 
Checking out her new bathing suit! 

Checking out her binkies! 

This is the first time we've done Easter Eggs since Zoya spilled the dye all over herself a couple years ago! 



  1. Loved the photos!

    Zoya looks proud of her eggs!

    Mila in the one photo looks like she is so happy to have a new chariot, haha.

    Sofia, I love the look on her face as she checks out her basket. Oh so many more first to come little lady, get ready! :)

  2. HaHa! Mila's face in the 4th wagon picture made me laugh out loud. That Easter Bunny really brought y'all something great with that wagon! My daughter is 9 and we still find uses for her regular 2 seater wagon all the time. You will use that thing for years to come!

  3. Mila's faces crack me up. Your girls are so adorable. Love the pictures.

  4. for next year try a whisp. put the egg in the center and they can dip it into the egg dye, worked great with my little neice