Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Sisters....Twins?

Sofia and Mila get lots of together time, just the two of them, while Zoya is at school each morning. Sofia is Mila's shadow and sometimes Mila gets annoyed! They copy each other vocally back and forth in their high chairs in the morning. One blows raspberries, then the other, and back and forth until they find a new sound to make. They hit each other back and forth and give dirty looks to each other, they stick their fingers in each others mouths until they get bit and then cry like they are shocked! HAHA! Sofia enjoys smacking Mila over the head with anything she can get her hands on....spoons, toys, books, or anything close enough! They're trying to figure out how to play nicely together, but we're not quite there yet! Often I need to separate them because they are like magnets to one another but always end up hurting the other one somehow! They do smile at each other, mimic each other, and motivate each other, which is great! Today on our walk to school Mila had her arm around Sofia the whole way there....I'm not sure she realized this but either way it was cute!!

They are just about in the same size clothing. Sofia is at the top of 18 months, but can wear 24 months and Mila is in 24 months. I think Sofia is only a few pounds behind Mila...she caught up quick! We get the twin question often when out in public. Sometimes I've learned it's just easier to say "yup" and keep walking. It's a tough call because if I am honest and say "no, they're not twins," then I hear "Oh, how far apart?" And when I'm honest again and say "6 months," then I hear........CRICKETS.......paired with a bewildered look. Shawn actually told one secretary in a doctor's office that I have two uteruses.....jokester! And I'm quite certain she believed him. In all honesty though, sometimes I feel like sharing their story and feel like it may really make a difference to the person asking...sometimes I know that God is using their story to touch others...and other times I just feel like I don't want to tell every stranger on the street "they're adopted." As they get older that will be their story to share, not mine. It's a part of who they are but not everything they are! So I admit, sometimes I lie and just say "yup" to the twin question because it's just easier sometimes! It doesn't matter if they're dressed alike or not anymore, the question still comes just as often either way because they are almost the same size and they both have blond hair and blue eyes and some similar facial features. I don't think they look much alike at all, but I'm their mama and I've memorized every freckle, every dimple, and every curve!

Mila loves kissing her babies...

Sofia would rather eat pizza....

Sofia agreed to try to be gentle with the baby....(I said try!)

Mila is looking at her like "wow who knew ya had it in you to be gentle with that baby!"

Sweet girls! 

Sofia says "All done Mom, I have better things to do!"

Mila is sweet and gentle....all girl! 

And Sofia is a tom boy for sure! She has more fun turning chairs upside down and being rough and tumble!

"I don't got no time to play with babies!"

As you can see from the abundance of pictures of the back of Sofia's head, she's hard to catch on camera since she's all over the place! They are so so different from one another, but they are the same in that they are LOVED and valued and cherished....they are daughters and sisters, part of a FAMILY! Two little girls from the same city thousands of miles away, united under one roof with one family....I still can't believe it sometimes! I'm thankful they have one another to torture learn from and grow up with! 


  1. I love it! One rough and tumbly and the other sweet and gentle. Top that off with an amazing big sister and you have the full package of cuteness.


  2. Gosh, they're cute! I don't think they look alike at all, but I see why people ask if they're twins. If it's someone that you don't know and won't see again, I would probably say yes rather than explain. My two oldest sons are only a year apart and people always asked if they were twins. It was easy for me because I could say, "no there's a years difference". At least in the future for 6 months out of the year you can say, "they're 2 and 3".

    1. Good idea, that would work now since they are 1 and 2 :) Only for 4.5 more months though!

  3. See, I look at these pictures and wonder how anyone could think they were twins...apart from their coloring, they clearly have very different faces (Mila's face is more round while Sofia has a pointed chin, Mila's nose is wider, Sofia's eyes are higher and closer together, etc). I wonder if the first thing some people see is their features associated with Down syndrome, and not all their individuality and uniqueness? That's kind of a sad thought...

    1. I agree that they do not look enough alike to think they're twins, but I guess most people just assume because they are so similar in size and sitting side by side in the stroller! Many people don't know anyone whose adopted so they might not be able to come to any other conclusion other than "twins" HAHA. I do think when people say "oh my gosh they look sooooo much alike" they are probably seeing some of the features associated with down syndrome, I've definitely thought that before. Friends who are more familiar with people with Down Syndrome don't seem to think they look alike, so that could very well be!

  4. twins don't need to look alike ! ;)
    My sister has twin girls, a fair one with blue eyes and one with brown eyes and hair...
    I have triplets,all have blue eyes but one red hair (boy), a blond girl and one with brown hair...
    People thought I was a mad women looking after all these babies to make my living ! (add a big brother and sister)
    You can also answer, " they are sisters !"
    But you will never avoid the questions and people being curious !
    In a way they don't behave as you didn't exist ! :) it isn't fun when they look away ! ;)
    Bon courage !

  5. No they do not look a like but gosh they are both seriously darling! These 3 little girls are so special. My daughter and I love looking at your blog. Hope you get soome warmer weather soon for the girls to get outside more.
    Pat and Katie

  6. I so enjoy reading all your posts, your humor is wonderful. All three of the girls are doing so well, it comes down to the wonderful parents you and Shawn are. Is Sofia walking yet? I don't think they look alike. Hopefully warmer weather will come your way.Thank you for taking the time to share you family with your readers.

  7. Honestly I'd probably just say "Yes" and keep walking as well! I get asked about my kids in public a LOT and sometimes it bothers me, I guess depending on the attitude I pick up when asked (I have four kids and baby #5 very obviously on-the-way and I look like a teenager so needless to say I get looks!).

    They are adorable! I can see how people would think they are fraternal twins as I know many fraternal twins that looks nothing alike. So maybe that's part of it, too.

  8. What I see are angels that have been saved and are totally loved and cared for. It is just so sweet to see how far they have come and how healthy all three of your girls are - Love works miracles. With my adopted daughter I get - Are you Grandma? Guess it goes with the territory since I adopted her after my 2 bio kids were grown and gone. I am sure that people are not being malicious in their questions - just curious about the two beautiful girls you are with! Keep up the good work Mom and Dad!

  9. They are both such beautiful girls. I admire you both so much for your choices. They are so very blessed to have you and Shawn and parents!