Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We're Still Alive :)

Just a little bit tired.............

Some serious bedhead from a very restless night! 
This little lady must be doing some serious growing because she's not been sleeping well, which means we weren't really sleeping well!!! Thankfully the past few days she's seemed to return to a more normal sleep state, which I'm so grateful for! I hope it keeps up! She has returned to a normal sleep pattern just in time for her sleep study on Monday! HA! She keeps us on our toes :)

Here is her new favorite "scary face".....I need a caption for these pictures! 

Hoping to get some more posts up soon! For now, we're alive and well :) Finishing up a 4 month long plethora of doctor appointments soon!!!! I will be thankful to have some "less scheduled" days in the near future!


  1. What a cutie! I feel like you capture so much of your daughters' personalities in your pictures. Zoya always looks spunky and cheerful, Sofia full of pep and mischief, and Mila thoughtful and content. :)

  2. "Adorable" is a good caption for any of those pictures! Bedhead is great! lol

  3. Ahhhh she is so adorable. Glad she's sleeping again. Harry just went 33 hours straight without sleeping, then wham got sick. I'm tired. LOL

  4. Such a little cutie, your Mila!! I look the same way after too little sleep! ;) (((BIG HUGS))) and lots of prayers for your busy days!!!