Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Months Home!!!!

Sofia has been home for FIVE months now! She is snuzzling her way into our hearts one wild moment at a time ;) She has grown so much in these five months, both physically and emotionally! We joke that if she would have been our first child, she may have been our only because her personality is SO LARGE and because she does AT LEAST one thing per day that scares the daylights out of us!

She is so very close to walking and has taken 7-8 steps at most! She is backing herself up to walls to stand up and take off! I remember when Zoya started doing this and remember being just as nervous for the crashes that inevitably happen while they figure out their legs!! She prefers to be standing up and cruising and on the go as much as she's able. I think I've only ever seen her on her belly laying still when she is sleeping or after having a tantrum ;) She really doesn't stay very still for very long, that's for sure! She's imitating everything (I cough, she coughs! Shawn sneezes, she fake sneezes)...she's so silly and keeps us laughing! She loves doing shape puzzles and any problem-solving activities. As each day passes, she reminds us more and more of Zoya in a lot of ways! She is a boundary pusher and sharp as a tack! Even when it appears she's not paying attention, she is watching every move and hearing every word! I do not think she will ever lack confidence or need much encouragement to accomplish what SHE wants to accomplish (as long as it's her idea haha). She loves attention and praise and takes pride in her accomplishments. Recently she has started enjoying playing with the dog! She says "mama," "dada," "no" (hahaha), and "more." She'll have tubes put in to drain the fluid in her ears and the wax removed on Thursday so please say a prayer as it will be her first time under anesthesia!

Sofia definitely prefers us to others. We find it funny that she is so wild and crazy and outgoing, yet when new people come to visit she will not go to them and clings to us! I love it :) She knows her mama and daddy are safe and that makes me so happy! With her being so independent I'm trying to seek out times that she needs us more in order encourage the bonding process both ways and when new people are visiting seems to be a good opportunity to do that! Zoya was so dependent on us emotionally, and Mila was so dependent on us physically and in every way since she was much younger. It's taking Sofia longer to trade in some of that independence but she's getting there! We've seen so much progress and every day feels more and more like life before her couldn't have possibly existed! We feel so unworthy of the gift of Sofia (and our other girls) and are so thankful we get to share our lives together!!!

Now for some Sofia pictures :)

She loves taking things out and putting things in! She and Mila both have a love of shoes! 

Her first popsicle! I bought them for Mila after her surgery but since Mila wanted nothing to do with them Sofia and Zoya ate them! 

One of those rare belly occasions! She didn't get a good nap and was tired at Zoya's dance performance! 


She's gonna be doing handstands before she walks I think LOL! 

I love this one! One of the few "non-crazy-out-of-control-smile" pictures we have of her :) You can see beneath the wild woman is a sweet little girl whom we are so thankful for! I just love her curls too!! She needs a little trim but I'm so afraid that the curls will be gone!

Ready to take on the world! 

Happy 5 Months Home to our Fearless Curlie Girlie! 


  1. It can be seen in her pictures that Sofia is SO full of life! I love all of her expressions!

  2. She is just so stinkin' cute! Happy five months home Sofia.

  3. Love that crazy girl! She looks like she's doing so well!!

  4. I could just eat her up!!! Look out world....here comes Sofia!!!! She is in my prayers for Thursday. Praise God she is getting the medical attention she needs in your loving care! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!!

  5. Hard to believe your beautiful Sofia has been home 5 months already! She is such a happy girl and I am so glad that she knows the love of a family! Will be praying that she feels better after the surgery experience stirring up some fears.